Sarah Palin's Views on Abstinence Lead to Second Grandchild

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    Sarah Palin's Views on Abstinence Lead to Second Grandchild

    COMMENTARY | Sarah Palin is known for her strong beliefs against sex before marriage. She is staunchly opposed to sex education for teenagers as well the distribution of contraceptives in schools paid for by tax dollars.

    In September 2008, Sarah's 17-year-old daughter Bristol announced that she was five months pregnant while her mother continued to support beliefs that obviously do not work within her own family. That year she also voted to cut funding to a program that helped support teen mothers, according to the Washington Post.

    In the ultimate hypocrisy, Bristol went on to earn more than $260,000 in 2009 as an advocate against teen pregnancy while at the same time admitting that abstinence was not realistic.

    In a not so surprising turn-of-events, the news that Sarah's son Track is expecting a baby with his wife Britta was just released Thursday.

    Pictures of the new bride posted on Facebook show that she is rather obviously expecting, while her marriage took place just two months ago.

    The quick ceremony prompted many to ask whether Britta was pregnant, but supporters of conservative Sarah became extremely upset, continuing to argue that the new couple was not expecting. It certainly seemed like a shot-gun wedding, and today it was finally confirmed that the pregnancy came before the marriage.

    Track apparently did not listen to his mother's or sister's advice, and I wonder how long it will be before the rest of the Palins are multiplying faster than a calculator.

    People said the family has not responded to a request for a comment in regard to the pregnancy.

    Rosie Pope, star of the Bravo show "Pregnant in Heels," said of Britta's posted pictures, "In my opinion it looks like she is more than four months along, as it is not customary to have a baby shower so early in a pregnancy and first-time moms usually take longer to pop," according to the New York Daily News.

    The Palins make an excellent example for the latest research on abstinence education. The National Sexuality Resource Center's Sexuality Research and Social Policy completed a recent study that showed abstinence-only education does not delay or prevent teens from having sex. These same programs that Palin and many other conservatives support have received $1.5 billion in federal funding.

    The editor of the academic journal of SRSP, Brian Devries, stated, "Sex educators know. Teens know. Parents know. And the research shows it. When will our policies and interventions reflect what science, research and best practices demonstrate? We need comprehensive sexuality education that is truly comprehensive."

    With a second premarital pregnancy in the Palin family, how much more proof do our hypocritical politicians and ultra conservative right-wing Christians need?
  2. How long before the next Palin kid is pregnant?...I say before 18

  3. Lucrum


    Sarah's opinions made her daughter pregnant? I would have thought it was her daughter having intercourse without birth control that did it.

    Is this an historical first? How about our resident biology experts chime in, is this even possible?
  4. You have to remember that liberals are idiots. You cant expect them to understand anything you said because that would require common sense. It's best to just ignore them and laugh at them in secret with your buddies.
  5. Sarahs views include not teaching about birth control Lucrum.I know you're smart enough to make the connection
  6. Yet the conservative queen who only believes in teaching abstinence is the one with 2 grand kids from young un wed children :cool:
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    This being the second child I'm pretty sure her daughter already knows about sex.

    Had her daughter listened to her mom she wouldn't need birth control.
  8. Liberals live in the real word,conservatives live in fantasy land where if the parent tells the teen not to have sex they wont
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    :D LOL That's funny.
  10. About as funny as a conservative anti sex education nut with 2 grand kids from unplanned pregnancies
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