Sarah Palin's plan to run as a third party candidate...the new Bull Moose Party

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  1. Palin is polling around 19% in recent polls.

    Ross Perot got 19% of the popular vote in 1992.

    I am guessing we could see compromising photos of Palin performing an unnatural act with a bull moose, and those 19% would not change their minds on Palin...

    Palin will go third party, count on it.
  2. 377OHMS


    Obsessed much?

    You really should try to control your fear. Sarah Palin isn't our candidate. I think you are wringing hands and gnashing teeth over nothing.

    Your comment about an unnatural act is the sign of a real lowlife.

    You lack class and demonstrate the principal that liberalism is a mental disorder.
  3. VP candidate in his own words:

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  4. He is obsessed... It's weird. I bet he fantasizes about her, if it weren't for the fact that she's a female...

  5. Palin running as a third party candidate is Obama's single best hope for reelection. It would mean the republicans had managed to drive the Tea Party people out of the party. It is no secret that the republican establishment, the K street crowd, don't like Palin or the Tea Party crowd any more than they liked the Evangelicals. They just used them to retain power.

    There is an uneasy alliance now between the Republican Party of John Boehner et al and the Tea Party. That alliance could break down within weeks over the budget and debt ceiling. If the republicans manage to alienate the Tea Party voters, they could well finish behind Palin in 2012. Who would they run? Romney is their most accomplished candidate but he totally failed to connect with voters in '08, plus he is poorly placed to challenge Obama on obamacare.

    As much as Palin has been an outsider and thorn in the side of the republican establishment, I doubt she will run as a third party candidate. That has typically been a final act on the political stage for those who tried it, and I don't see her bowing out this young. Actually, if she runs, I think she stands a very good chance of getting the republican nomination. For many in the party's grassroots, she represents the same kind of aspirational figure that Obama did to a far different constituency. None of the other potential candidates inspire anywhere near the excitement she does.