Sarah Palin's approval ratings plummet to an all-time low.

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  1. A new poll from Gallup reveals that Sarah Palin's approval rating has plummeted to an all-time low.

    According to the survey, the former vice presidential candidate maintains a 40% favorability rating, the lowest it has been since she emerged as a national political figure at last year's Republican convention. Over the course of Sen. John McCain's (R-Ariz.) presidential campaign Palin's "image suffered," declining from a 53% rating when she debuted as the senator's running mate to a 42% rating by the end of the campaign.

    Gallup's findings emerge in light of the highly-anticipated release of Palin's memoir, "Going Rogue: An American Life." Buzz in the political realm suggests that Palin could run for president in 2012, but it seems that the conservative sensation faces a steep upward battle to broaden her viability and appeal.
  2. Well dammit, we need to do something. The presidential election is still 3 years away..


  3. Walter, Great piece of work. :D
  4. how can anyone find her sexy

    she has a face of a frying pan :D
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    A new poll from Gallup reveals that Sarah Palin's approval rating has plummeted to an all-time low.

    And the left is still scared to death.
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    Dude, trust me, NOBODY wants Sarah Palin to be your candidate in 2012 more than the left. :D

    I guarantee you the GOP heads don't want her, no matter what they say in public. They're the ones who are really afraid of her.
  8. I'm changing my party affiliation just to help her get the nomination in 2012.

  9. The country needs logical thinking like this. Too bad Obama does not read books and periodicals like Bush did or he may develop rational thinking like this
    Petroleum is a major part of America’s energy picture. Shall we get it here or abroad?

    By Sarah Palin

    Given that we’re spending billions of stimulus dollars to rebuild our highways, it makes sense to think about what we’ll be driving on them. For years to come, most of what we drive will be powered, at least in part, by diesel fuel or gasoline. To fuel that driving, we need access to oil. The less use we make of our own reserves, the more we will have to import, which leads to a number of harmful consequences. That means we need to drill here and drill now.

    We rely on petroleum for much more than just powering our vehicles: It is essential in everything from jet fuel to petrochemicals, plastics to fertilizers, pesticides to pharmaceuticals. Ac_cord_ing to the Energy Information Ad_min_is_tra_tion, our total domestic petroleum consumption last year was 19.5 million barrels per day (bpd). Motor gasoline and diesel fuel accounted for less than 13 million bpd of that. Meanwhile, we produced only 4.95 million bpd of domestic crude. In other words, even if we ran all our vehicles on something else (which won’t happen anytime soon), we would still have to depend on imported oil. And we’ll continue that dependence until we develop our own oil resources to their fullest extent.
  10. F... you and f... your petroleum. It's 21 century and I want an electric car.

    (btw, Obama is a law PROFESSOR. he read more books than the entire Republican Party)
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