Sarah Palin Topps Michele Obama In Most Admired Woman Poll Of 2009.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by rc822, Dec 31, 2009.

  1. rc822


    1st place - Hillary Clinton - 16%
    2nd place - Sarah Palin - 15%
    3rd place - Oprah Winfrey - 8%

    4th place - Michele Obama - 7% lol

    Let me guess, all the Obama lovers will claim the USA Today/Gallup Poll was racist. lol
    Sarah Palin kicking Michele Obama's ass is really no surprise through. The name Obama is becoming more and more unpopular, even though the great dictator thinks he about to become make history with health care. A bill that 58%-60% of the country opposes. They should change the name of the Democratic Party to the Delusional Party. lol. :p
  2. I think it's Oprah who is gonna be pissed, pissed that she is not on the top!

    This is a woman who has her own magazine which she is on the cover of each and every month!