Sarah Palin To David Letterman: Ha Ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    :D :D :D :D :D
    Can't wait for Sarah to rip this Obama loving douche bag liberal for being the degenerate that he truly is. So much for this turd Letterman being able to take cheap shots at Palin now, huh??? Love this story!!!!!!!!!!!:p :p :p
  2. Are you stoned or stupid? Did you even read the article you linked to??

    Apparently Letterman wasn't married until a few months ago, Einstein.

    So a mega-start American TV personality had sex with an intern. This is what you guys are dredging up as proof that Liberals suck? Having sex with an intern makes him a 'degenerate'? Christ, even I could do better than that.

    Sarah Palin is the biggest joke in American politics since Dan Quayle. She's actually a bigger joke because even though she has the IQ of a peahen, there are many on the extreme right who take her seriously. She quit in the middle of her term in order to accept a $4 million dollar publishing advance, because she knew she had to strike while the iron was hot. She thinks the main branch of law enforcement in America is something called 'The Department of Law'. She lied to Katie Couric's face and to the American public when asked if she read any foreign policy periodicals. She billed the government for travel expenses between Wasilla and Anchorage while berating others for doing the same. Her advisers had to give up on her during the '08 campaign because she was unable to internalize any of the advice and instructions they were giving her.

    I cannot tell you how much pleasure it gives me to contemplate the heart palpitations being caused by Obama's presidency among the racist right. It's such a bewildering and confusing time for you guys. A black man in the White House!!! God in Heaven, what has become of your country, right? How in the hell did this happen?? I hope he gets 4 more years just because it'll push another herd of you guys into an early grave.
  3. By the way, everything you need to know about Fox News and its readers can be learned by checking out the side panel on the page linked to above. Yes, that's real news. That's what Fox News consumers are interested in. Yep.

    What joke.
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    The biggest jokes are you and Letterman. Letterman goes on making all sorts of crude, degrading sexual remarks about Sarah Palin and her family, when this douche bag is fucking all of his female staff members. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Priceless!!!!!!
    I love your pathetic attempts to defend this degenerate asshole Letterman.
    If the ignorant were blessed, you'd be a saint! LOL!!!!!!:p :p :p
  5. that old fart, how many viagra he had to take?
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    Fox News is the only news organization that speaks the absolute truth. They were the very first network that exposed ACORN as the criminal organization they truly are. You know ACORN, the group that Obama worked for as a lawyer!!!!! The Obama cock loving networks like MSNBC, CNN, CBS, ABC wouldn't dare report the ACORN story as it would damage their precious "furor"!!!! Only when Congress got involved in stripping all of ACORN'S federal funding, and when numerous state Attorney General offices decided to open criminal investigations into ACORN, did the Obama loving networks start to do stories on it.
    You want to talk about liers!!!!! Your "furor' Obama is the biggest lying prick on the planet when asked about the activities of ACORN. He seems to know nothing about this activity, but he advocated with them for years. It was his presidential campaign that gave ACORN over $800k, as reports came out that ACORN owed the federal gov't. 800k. Gee, what a crazy coincidence huh???
    What in the world will Obama do without ACORN getting him all of those fraudulent voter registrations for 2012??? You mean that Obama won't get the votes of Porky Pig, Woody Woodpecker, Fred Flintstone, and Barney Rubble in 2012? LOL!!!!!!!!!
    I absolutely thank my holy God for networks like Fox News!!!!!! They report the facts, fair and unbalanced. They don't bury stories like the Obama loving networks, who spend their entire news day flossing their teeth with Obama's ass hairs. There's an obvious reason why Fox News is the #1 cable news network on television. They blow MSNBC and CNN out of the water by a 3-1 margin.
    Obama's popularity has dropped like a stone, as has has lost all Independent voter support. It was the Independents that put him over the top in the election. He is even losing support among moderate conservative Democrats. I can't wait for the 2010 & 2012 elections, as the Democratic party is about to become extinct. I'll be watching and laughing with the majority of America on "Fox News"!!! LOL!!!!!!!!:p :p :p
  7. Haven't you learned that nothing offends these leftists. Think about it, a 44 year old man gives a 13 year old girl alcohol and drugs and then has sex with her against wishes and the left is up in arms that the guy got arrested. With that kind of track record is it any wonder that they are not the least bit upset about what Letterman did?

  8. +1 :cool:
  9. Letterman has been in a relationship with his wife since 1986. They have a 6 year old child.

    Are you stoned or stupid, Einstein?
  10. All I can say is that he was dumb enough to have an affair and smart enough to not pay the extortion. That's surprising. You usually don't see someone with the combination of courage and idiocy.

    I would have figured he would have paid the extortion or pulled a blago or John Edwards of DENY DENY DENY.
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