Sarah Palin Says The Lesson From Oil Spill Is To Not Trust Foreigners

Discussion in 'Politics' started by tmarket, May 5, 2010.

  1. She is brilliant.
  2. Obama top recipient of BP cash in over 20 years!


    ABCNEWS: While Oil Slick Spread, Interior Dept Chief of Staff Rafted with Wife on 'Work-Focused' Grand Canyon Trip ...


    Dems expolit oil rig explosion that killed 11 Americans to raise $$$... Don't let a crisis go to waste!

  3. BP has the worst safety record in the industry, despite their ads touting how enivronmentally friendly they are. Don't forget they were the ones running that refinery that blew up and killed a bunch of peole. 60 Minutes raked them over the coals on that.
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    Good points & good timing. Sarah said that after BP has helped Alaska for many years, so she is balanced.

    BP also set a record for thier propane trading[crooked propane trading similiar to Enron & cap & trade] fine of $318 million +/.

    Not sure why some of my conservative friends got mad at EPA, Dept of Interior for ''the stay away''.
    Dept of Interior pretends ploar bear are threatened by scam of
    '' global warming''LOL:D .So the EPA stay away, in May-maybe good .LOL

    BP sells good gas, @ good price sometimes ;
    so just because they give to Chicago politicians,
    doesnt mean all @ BP are crooks.LOL
  5. Sarah Palin is balanced....


    Good one murray, that is truly funny!

  6. If Cock Cheney was still the president, he would call in Halliburton to fix the problem...