Sarah Palin Resignation Speech

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  1. Oh, you mean the disaster that the Elitetrader far right called 'a revolutionary American politician' and 'The next President of the United States'?

    What a fucking joke. Palin represents everything that's wrong with the Republican party today (and please, before you start frothing and foaming at the mouth, notice I did not say the rational right).

    Dems are cursing the fact that this semi-literate bozo didn't foul up the Republican preparations for the next nomination race.

    I'd compile a list of her idiotic mistakes but everyone already knows them. The last one was the capper. What was it... the 'Department of Law in Washington'??

    Too much.

  2. I listened to the speech and had to chuckle - I had a vision of all these lefty libtard bloggers standing beside themselves with bloody nipples at what she was saying, finger twitching and getting ready to attack.

    And this is what is so funny - for all the crap the left claims of here, being stupid and whatnot, they sure spend a great deal of time going after her.

    I guess that's an admission that their party is full of even dumber idiots if they think an idiot can beat them...
  3. "I guess that's an admission that their party is full of even dumber idiots if they think an idiot can beat them..."

    This idiot beat them twice...

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    Never underestimate the stupidity of the electorate...

  4. Here is a real idiot for you.

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  5. You keep drinking the "Kool-Aid" but you are just as dumb as Palin & Company.

    Wasn't Palin the one who supported capping carbon emissions during the Vice Presidential debates?

    I believe so.
    So did John McCain.

    And yet she makes a big deal of "bashing" the Obama policy of capping carbon emissions in her Op-Ed piece to the Washington Post earlier this month.

    Dumb and Dumber.
    A total hypocrite.
    That's Palin.

    And right now, that's the only thing that the GOP has to offer for 2012? Michael Steele must be on some serious medication. That's downright hysterical. :D
  6. Why are you people on the left so obsessed with her?
  7. Why are you people on the right so obsessed with defending her?


  8. The answer to that question is obvious. She has them scared shitless.
  9. I bet there are virtually no liberals in alaska ...
    or metrosexuals for that matter ... same difference.

    Palin might as well have landed from Mars. Elitistist liberals are pretty much clueless that most of rural america is filled with women identical to her.

    "under-educated" ... friggin elitist pricks
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