Sarah Palin on BP Oil Spill: 'We Need to Keep Drilling'

Discussion in 'Politics' started by shortie, May 14, 2010.

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    Sarah, needs some drilling herself

    and I'm the man!:D
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    Ahhh, don't we need more energy? Aren't the liberals going to use this as a reason to stop drilling in the gulf and elsewhere?

    When that happens expect to be paying $5 to $10 a gallon for gas. Maybe more.

    The problem is they need to payup for better preventers like those with remote signals at the drill head.
  3. she is correct, but it would be better to push non-petroleum products for numerous reasons.

    Personally, I like France, which generates over 70% of its power from nuclear.
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    I wish the words 'liberals' and 'conservatives' would be outlawed. I wish we could just talk about ideas without thinking that we're on different teams somehow.

    Sarah Palin is a dumbass of the highest order, but I don't necessarily disagree with her on this one. The biggest reason for this oil disaster is not the fact that they were drilling, but apparently there was very little regulation from the federal government. From what I've read the Bush and Obama administrations overlooked some serious warnings that more regulations were needed.

    I haven't made up my mind on whether we should keep drilling but obviously we need to be wayyy more careful.
  5. The US economy cannot grow if we are held hostage to oil imports. It's best if oil does not constrain the US economy. This will allow the stock market to reach all time highs (assuming the Democrats don't keep screwing things up).

    And you, shortie, can short at extremely high levels !! :D
  6. Now, this knucklehead is very much a liberal in denial. --> olias
  7. We are talking about oil refined to gas and diesel used for machinery and transportation( cars and commercial diesel ) How you going to transfer nuclear power to those vehicles? Ive lived in europe, they dont have nearly the number of gas guzzling cars and trucks like we do here in the U.S. . Plus, their gas prices are so high that the citizens dont waste gas "cruising around" like we do here(burning gas like it falls of the sky). We dont sip gas here in the U.S, we chug it down like an alcoholic does with booze.

    As long as we keep that type of gas guzzling behavior here in the U.S. without implementing more electric or hybrid technology, we will have to drill into this earth for many more years to come. And it will be only a matter of time before another disaster like the one in the gulf happens again.

    Companies like BMW and Porsche are coming out with some truly cutting edge hybrid technology. The american car companies could do that too but they are in bed with the petroleum industry, and everyone knows it.......
  8. A little over 3 decades ago the government decided to make this little organization called the department of energy. They created this to end americas dependence on foriegn oil.

    Fat lot of good that did.
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    Only the engineers designing the deep water drilling hardware know what the risk of deep water drilling are and can best decide what can be done to minimize the chances of a repeat of this disaster. The politicians in Washington know nothing about solving technical problems and are corrupted by the bribe money they gleefully take. The regulators are too cozy with the drillers and too much under the influence of the ignorant and corrupt politicians.
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