Sarah Palin is Being Hidden From The Press

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  1. She has done two interviews - one with Charles Gibson where it was clear that she is dumber than dogshit, and one with Sean "I'd blow Bush if I could" Hannity, where it was clear that she is dumber than dogshit.

    Even Rush 'Oxycontin' Limbaugh remarked today that they have kept her locked up.

    C'mon, Sarah....the world is waiting to hear your ideas and grand plans.
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    She needs to do a centerfold interview for Playboy and Maxim Magazine. That would get my vote!
  3. She obviously has none, but is it the Rep party keeping her under wraps or her choice? Why Americans aren't DEMANDING she be assessable to them and/or the press is beyond me. I would never vote for a man, woman, dog or cat who's beliefs/philosophy of governing were not fully vetted. But then... oh yes...I have half a brain. :confused:

    to wit...."You state that you "live" your ultra conservative faith (Pentecost/Assembly of God). How can/would you govern to keep Church and State separate?" A very fair question that was asked of JFK our first Catholic president, and fully answered.
  4. I would guess she'd "govern" the same way she did in Alaska, wouldn't you? In which case, "Church" was a private matter. Actually, if memory serves, it was also answered in the Hannity interview. You did watch it, right?

  5. LOL. I see you are still your old objective self.

    The debates are coming up soon. I'm guessing all of this will resolve some of your issues. Meanwhile, screw the press. We already know what they're all about, don't we?

  6. She'll be debating Biden. That'll give you ample opportunity to judge her on issues.

    Who the fuck is the media to “demand” anything. You act like the media is some public watchdog. They're a FOR PROFIT institution owned by entertainment conglomerates. Only a rube thinks the motives of Katie Couric or Bill O'Reilly are materially different from Jerry Springer. They work for network ratings and their own paychecks.

    How much about Obama does the public know? Have you seen his transcripts from Occidental? How did a lackluster student at Occidental receive admittance to Columbia? How was his education financed? Does he share Rev. Wright's views on Black Theology? If not then why did he not only stay in Wright's church for two decades but equate Wright as a surrogate father and use a Wright quote as the title of his best selling book? Why doesn't the Obama familiy celebrate Christmas? Has he ever socialized with Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn?

    I'm not trying to use Obama as a strawman in the Palin debate but truth be told most of America knows more about Sarah Palin's life-after just a month on the ticket-than we know about Obama who has been running for President virtually one half of his career in the Senate.

    Compare Palin scrutiny to Joe Biden. He voted for Iraq, he voted for the bankruptcy bill lobbied for by his son, his son is a wealthy lobbyist for banks who've generously supported both Biden and Obama. Yet more Americans know of Bristol Palin than Hunter Biden.

    The fact is and this gets back to my first point: The media is NOT interested in Sarah Palin's take on the issues. They're interested in her because she's a RATINGS lure. Put Joe Biden on television and it's a snooze fest watched by the same 18 people who regularly watch MSNBC. Put Palin on and it's the biggest viewership of the year. I respect Palin for not whoring herself out in deferance to the media. The same way I respected musicians in the 1970's who'd refuse interviews with Rolling Stone because they felt uncomfortable schilling their art. Being pompous cats in the spotlight is part and parcel of our moral and ethical decline.
  7. I'm sensing a pearls before the swine thingy going on with Sarah Palin. You put a sincere hare working, honest person like her in the spotlight and the pigs get uncomfortable and start rolling around in their shit and snorting...
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    You haven't learned to read yet? He wrote AMERICANS should demand it, not the media. Uhm, yeah - the media is usually thought of as a public watchdog. It is somewhat more practical with a few media interviews than meeting millions in person for q&a don't you think.
  9. Exactly. A PTA mom who ran for office as a for the people, populist reformer is enemy #1 to the power structure in Congress and those who feed off the public trough. To conservative Americans on Main Street she's a breath of fresh air-to the power brokers she's an untamed tempest in a teapot.
  10. ...a breath of fresh air from the last set of "conservatives" that were elected.

    And after her presidency in 2009, the next set of Republicans will be a breath of fresh air from the last set of "conservatives."
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