Sarah Palin 'furious' at Bristol's new boyfriend

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    Mama Grizzly strikes again: Sarah Palin 'furious' at Bristol's new Disney Show star boyfriend

    Mounting evidence that Sarah Palin may have bought a $1.7million home in Arizona has sparked speculation she will run for president next year.

    But it seems the real reason for the move could be more personal - to keep tabs on her daughter, Bristol.

    The Tea Party politician is reportedly furious at the 20-year-old's new relationship with Disney's Kyle Massey, who she met on Dancing with the Stars last year.

    Bristol and Kyle are soon to appear in a new reality show for the BIO Channel, which will follow them as they set up a charity alongside Kyle's elder brother, Chris.

    According to the National Enquirer, the couple's growing relationship sparked the idea for the show - and Mrs Palin isn't happy about it.

    She is apparently convinced it will affect her family's reputation, as Bristol is on the rebound from her ex-boyfriend, Alaskan pipeline worker Gino Paoletti.

    Before that, she had volatile relationship with her ex-fiancé Levi Johnston, with whom she has a two-year-old son, Tripp.

    A source told the magazine: 'Sarah is furious at Bristol for going so quickly from man to man.

    'She is doing her best to prevent Bristol's new relationship from being featured in the reality show.'

    Kyle, 19, told a reporter he only keeps in touch with Bristol 'every now and then' as the couple are trying to keep their burgeoning romance a secret.

    Mrs Palin's attempts to meddle are said to have infuriated her daughter. The insider said: 'Bristol told Sarah: "Back off and let me lead my own life!" She doesn't agree with her mom's politics or her controlling ways.'

    It's the pair's second falling out in little over a month, coming just weeks after Bristol reportedly banned her mother from her new home in Arizona after they had a huge row over gay marriage.

    Bristol has become increasingly liberal since she moved to Los Angeles to appear on Dancing with the Stars last year.

    At the time an insider told the Enquirier: 'Bristol is completely rebelling against her mother - now that she's experiencing life outside of Alaska and away from Sara.

    'She has opened her eyes and realised how sheltered and programmed she was.'

    But Bristol's attempts to keep her mother out of her life seem to have failed, as speculation mounts Mrs Palin has purchased a $1.7million property in Scottsdale, Arizona, less than an hour's drive from her daughter's home.

    She has not yet confirmed whether she is the mystery buyer, whose name is hidden in the terms of the deal closed by Safari Investments LLC.

    According to the Arizona Republic, rumours have been circulating in the state's political circles for months that Mrs Palin may be set to run her 2012 campaign from there.

    And real estate agent Jeff Sibbach of John Hill & Associates said he and a local television crew were told to leave the area surrounding the property on Sunday by a man driving a van with Alaska licence plates.

    But Bristol may not be in the same state as her mother for long - when filming begins on her new reality show, she will move in with Kyle and his brother Chris in Los Angeles.

    A few weeks ago Kyle, who starred on Disney Channel sitcom That's So Raven, told an Enquirer reporter: 'We're gonna show her the ropes for sure. We'll take good care of her.'

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  3. furious, new boyfriend, etc - i was sure it was Arnold!
  4. That looks like a fine young man,I wonder why Sarah wouldn't like him :confused:
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    Well, if Bristol stays with this man I'm sure mom will be happy.

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    I don't either, they look like two peas in a pod. Well...two fat peas.

  7. How would you feel if your daughter was dating him Lucrum ?
  8. is this a ploy to get black votes?

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  9. I'm really starting to like Bristol.Finally there is a Palin I might vote for
  10. Did anyone check his birth certificate??

    Another Kenyan socialist??
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