Sarah Palin, empty suit

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  1. kut2k2


    Yep, she really is as dumb and vacuous as many of us already knew. In other words, if you think Sarah Palin is a woman of substance, you're as stupid as she is.

    Just in from 60 Minutes:

    1 - Couric Exonerated.

    According to Steve Schmidt, John McCain’s top campaign strategist and one of the people responsible for picking Palin as McCain's VP pick: "I don't think Katey Couric asked one unfair question."

    So all the whining and wailing from Palin and her sheeple about "gotcha" questions from "liberal" journalist Couric is just overgrown children acting like brats who didn't get their way. WTF is "gotcha" about "what do you read?" ??? If the interviewee reads anything at all, it's a gimme. Only posers whine about stuff like that.

    2 - She's as dumb as a post.

    They had to brief the ignorant bitch on WWI, WWII, the Korean War; basically the stuff that you and I learned in grade school and high school before our sophomore year was over. She didn't understand why there is a North and South Korea. :D :D

    3 - She can't adapt worth shit.

    She walked up to Joe Biden at the start of the VP debate and asked to call him "Joe" because all during the practice debates, she kept calling him "Senator Obiden." She literally could not stop herself. Yeah, that's the kind of mind we need in the WH.

    Teabaggers, please run this rancid cunt for president. Now that's entertainment. :D
  2. M Jared

    M Jared

    Palin has to be the dumbest bitch to ever hold office.Thats says a lot about the people on this forum that support her
  3. You want to talk about Dumb...look at the guy you voted into the office of president. The guy thought there was 57 states.

    And how many of you fell for that "change" campaign? Just like sheep. An equal slogan he could've used to win could've been "I'm not Bush" Hitler could've run for president and you all would've voted for him if he said "I'm not Bush"
  4. M Jared

    M Jared

    I'd take Obama over McCain and Palin any day,including today
  5. Why are liberals so angry and filled with hate? Why the obsession with Palin? She's not an officeholder or likely to be nominated for national office. Why are you so threatened by her?
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    Congrats, you're the first yob in this thread to play the dumbass "why are you threatened?" card. :p

    She's political and she's topical. Since when is that off-limits for commentary in P&R?

    And since when does criticism equate to fear? Does that mean I can take every post you've made critical of a liberal as you being threatened? Yes, your strange accusation has all the earmarks of classic projection. :D
  7. I defy you to find any post where I have characterized a democrat woman as a "cunt", a "dumb bitch" or any of the other misogynist epithets you and your crowd of genuises seem compelled to use with Palin. There's just something about a strong, conservative woman that sets libs off. When she's also attractive, like Palin, and an accomplished athlete, outdoorswoman, mother and public servant, it's just too much for you. You just can't deal with it. It's similar to the reaction you have to assertive, conservative blacks, like Clarence Thomas, but even more virulent.

    Palin brings out that suppressed rage that liberals all seem to harbor. The Miss USA candidate who dared to adopt Barrack obama's stated view on homo "marriage" is another good example. Totally off the charts hostility, voiced in the most childish manner possible. All from the party that preaches tolerance and diversity. Unless of course you happen to disagree with them.
  8. Do not bother with logic when faced with someone as vile as kupcake2k2, she would cut off her nose to spite her face. And she will never tell you why she is threatened by Sarah Palin, but the true reason is she is protective of the dem party like a mother polar bear protects her cubs. Kupcake2k2 knows that she is only a week off of being on food stamps so basically at this point she is protecting her food source, and willing to kill anyone who might take it.
  9. kut2k2


    I've attacked plenty of male politicians just as vehemently as I have Palin, so you'll have to try harder propping up this strawman.

    And when have I attacked Clarence Thomas? You're losing it, aaa.

    Palin was a major candidate in a US Presidential race. Every attack possible was leveled at Obama, McCain and Biden, yet any criticism at Palin brought "shock" and "horror" from pansies like you on the right. If she can't take criticism, she should get the fuck out of the kitchen and leave politics to people with thick skins.

    Is she a bitch? She described herself as a pitbull with lipstick. Case closed. Does she have a cunt? Case closed. Is she dumb? Case closed.

    So what will you whine about next?
  10. jem


    you can see the left is going nuts. Look at all the anti palin threads.

    most republicans are happy she may not run in 2012. That is good.

    But on T.V. she will lead a lot of independent women back to the right.

    She will be a big voice against abortion.

    The left had chance for a about a year.

    Obama's chance at real economic change was destroyed by the pelosi, reid and the lobbyists who own the the dems in congress.

    And now the radical left is seeing their chance at social change being snatched from the jaws of victory.

    its no time to gloat because the republicans have sucked as bad as the dems.

    The rabid liberals see that their opportunity is escaping. They are screaming out like animals. I say we just let them be miserable because conservatives still need a leader to emerge. We need someone who has the balls to stop taxing and spending.
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