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    Happy new years everyone!

    I have Funded my Fxcm account to trade Fx-auto or as fxcm calls it Forex system selector. Still waiting on user name to start trading, with one of two portfolio system sets I have selected for myself. I have chosen to start a trader's log here that will be updated every sunday.

    Start balance ~4k (3978USD, got to find out where in fxcm or my bank some of the transfer disappeared)

    Portfolio Build 1:

    CornerStone-Zeus GBPJPY 10k
    Prosignal-ShortTerm EURJPY 20k
    Team-Aphid GBPUSD 10k
    Tecnofinazas EURUSD 20k
    Leverage: 1:25
    Total History MaxDD: 2939 pips (not considering x2 for 20k)
    Equity Curve: See Attached curve 1

    Portfolio build 2:
    CornerStone-Zeus GBPJPY 10k
    CornerStone-Zeus EURCHF 10k
    CornerStone-Zeus GBPUSD 10k
    Team-Aphid GBPUSD 10k
    Technofinazas EURUSD 10k
    Leverage: 1:77.5
    Total History MaxDD: 3022 pips
    Equity Curve: See Attached Curve 2

    Most likely ill be going for Portfolio 1 because:
    1) lower Leverage.
    2) Past performance Shows Smaller Drop with provider combination
    3)CornerStone-Zeus tends to let Systems run to SL set by Tradency of 300 pips. even if they do get good results too
    4) Number of past trades for CSZ (CornerStone-Zeus) is still low.

    Hopefully I will get username today or right after New years day.

    P.S view next post for Curve 2
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    Curve 2
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    After reviewing Prosignal-Short term over my demo account it doesnt look like I shall be taking them into Real account.
    I like the Idea of hourly trades but they lack on performance.

    Remaining with:
    Team-Aphid GBPUSD
    Technofinazas EURUSD

    Still no sign of FXCM generating username for FSS.
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    Sunday #1
    account openned thursday night.
    2 trades closed Both tecnofinanzas EURUSD, 2 trades in positions CSZ GBPJPY.

    Last week P/L: 80.6USD 40 pips
    In Positions: -307 pips (about -280USD)

    Good start for this week.
    Knowing CSZ GBPJPY, those two trades will be open for a while.
  5. i don't know much about systems trading, but 4k to 20k in 8 months using 25:1 leverage with a bunch of canned forex systems? how do you know they didn't just optimise the &%*$ out of these things?
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    Because it is real trade history, not hypothetical.
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    Most of the work, no doubt is based on the system providers, but to me is the most important is to pick the right one, I have worked on my final portfolio for about 4 months and studied about Fx-Auto performance from before they joined forces with Fxcm. which was around april 15th according to the performance site.

    I finalized on
    Team-Aphid GBPUSD 10k
    Tecnofinazas EURUSD 20k
    CornerStone Zeus GBPJPY 10k

    All these systems, have proven themselves one way or another in my eyes.
    Team Aphid has proven him self by taking the risks and ripping the gains.
    Tecnofinazas constant day by day with slow gain
    CornerStone Zeus Well managed system.
    All showing very good work over 2007. But as always said in forex, past performance is not indication for future performance
  8. have you gone further back than may 2007? thats not a whole lot of data to run with....also, have you considered that future drawdowns could be a whole lot more severe than those in your sample?
  9. I always say......some people deserve to loose their money. I can guarantee you, come 3yrs down the line you will be either buying some system off e-bay or asking for some good books to learn about trading. As for fxcm teaming up with fx-auto.........."where are all the customers yatchs"

    Wake up and smell the need a damn good sustainable edge to make it in this business and those who have it will not sell even if they only have 10k in their account. There are no short cuts in this business my friend.
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    No doubt that I will need to learn much more into forex, But then again, there are people with more notches under their belt.

    Beside, FX-Auto wasn't designed for full time traders who monitor them market 24/5. Frankly I do not belive there is a single person that can stay wake that long.

    As far as I see it, I wasn't looking at the Crude data, I was looking into actual behavior of the systems over time. Not like a demo user that over one month and viewing over and sees big bucks, jumps head on.

    Yes, I have look into beyond 2006, however Fx-Auto performance is very limited to FXCM to 2007, FXDD performance is different at times. As for the Draw downs I have considered the risk, these systems all have considerable DD, Also remember that 2007 around July-August there was a major news about Prime-loans, these systems worked when many leading systems took a down fall. For example ATRchannel, which did amazing during first half of 2007, but crashed with major news. Even more making it the traders responsiblity to know when to pull out of a market.
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