Sao Paulo to experience the coldest january in 20 years

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Daal, Jan 30, 2008.

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    It snowed here in Atlanta twice inside of a week. We hardly ever get any thing much more than flurries.
  3. See??????

    The Kyoto Accord is already working.
  4. Nice try, but cold snaps fits into the global warming climate change scenario. The theory predicts increasing volatility in the weather. Expect more rain, floods, droughts, stronger tornadoes and hurricanes, heat waves. And odd cold snaps and snowfalls. Weather extremes will get more extreme.
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    so pretty much everything fits on the scenario. how convenient
  6. ====================
    Good one;
    LOL with a belly laugh:D

    They also pretended the polar bear population was threatened by melting ice;
    perhaps you saw the deceptive emotional ad, played in Europe/CNBC.

    Its nonsense , stable population of 25,.ooo polar bears.Cool as sunglasses.:cool:
  7. Guys, use stats.

    We were COOLING until the last 30 years.

    Not good enough?

    CO2 percentage has gone from:

    .03 to .04 PERCENT.

    That is a fact.

    The Earth has heated and cooled MUCH faster before we were here.


  8. What are the benefits of Global warming?

    Seems like it may open opportunities for better agriculture that may help global hunger.

    Certainly may reduce burning of coal, wood and heating oils now used for warmth.

    Cold kills more people then heat.


    What are the negatives? We may loose some coastal land
  9. Just as has occurred all throughout natural history.

    This thing is a sham. I'm not sure what its aims are, but it's a sham. Certainly it's some sort of leftie deal; just which lefties are most responsible for it I'm not sure.

    I'm already hearing stirrings about "climate change refugees." Wonderful. Yet another way to pack our countries full of useless 3rd world scum.