Santelli Rips Leisman Over Employment Data

Discussion in 'Data Sets and Feeds' started by pspr, Feb 4, 2011.

  1. pspr


    Once again Rick sets Steve straight on what the jobs numbers are telling us.

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    Let's petition to bring back Marcy... at least she has TITS!! (And hair!)
  3. I think santelli is kind of blow hard. Its not even about who's
    wrong or who's right its about how to have a civil conversation
    without acting like a 8 year old.
  4. Isn't that how Leftists see ANYONE who dares to speak the truth?

    Sometimes it's difficult to remain civil when railing against evils which seek to undermine the health and future of America.... all for personal greed and political gain, of course.

    :mad: :mad:
  5. cstfx


    I used to look forward to Santelli's reports until his "Rant heard around the world". Now listening to him has become a strain. Watch him paired against Jim Iuorio to see what he USED to be like.

    Now he is just a clown.

    (Not defending Liesman - he's pretty much a douchebag mouth-piece for the WH policy)
  6. pspr


    I actually like Santelli's rants. They drive home the point. Leisman really annoys me most of the time. He's always finding a way to spin the numbers of the day.
  7. Easy to see why...

    1. LIESman is on CNBC (or is that CN-BS?)

    2. CNBS is an affiliate of NBC

    3. NBC is owned by GE

    4. Jeff Immelt is the CEO of GE

    5. Immelt has his lips firmly planted on Odumbo's ass.

    See, it all fits together.
  8. Doesnt comcast own nbc now? I am hoping that they overhaul cnbc and make it watchable but I doubt it.
    Just fire larry kudlow and joe kernen for starters
  9. Santelli is a bright guy and not prone to hyperbole. The guy should be running the fucking Fed, IMO. Of course, his first act as Fed Chmn. would be to shut it down.
  10. I like Kudlow.

    Especially when he has Jim Rogers on.

    'Jim, old friend, I know you will say it's impossible but just go along with this....What if the economy improves, employment picks up and central banks stop printing money....wouldnt that make gold go down?'

    Rogers: Stop printing money? Don't be a fool go long cotton!

    #10     Feb 4, 2011