Santelli Nails it again.

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Max E., Dec 28, 2012.

  1. Max E.

    Max E.

    All this talk about the fiscal cliff, and how bad it will be for everyday americans, and the economy if taxes go up by 5% is a moot point, we are broke, and we cant afford to pay the bill for government anymore, regardless of income tax rates.

    No one in the media even bothers to spend 2 seconds talking about the reality that we are bankrupt, and no level of taxation is going to get us there.

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  2. achilles28


    I was at a Christmas party the other night. A barista at starbucks, (who happened to also be a polymath) tried to tell me that all debt was an illusion, that Europe wasn't broke, and that the nature of money was nothing more than a confidence game. When he explained the financial crisis to my friends (who were clearly bored out of their minds), he started with a description of what a "hedge fund" was, then asked me, in a know-it-all tone, if I knew what a "put option" was....

    I didn't even bother. I told him the conversation would be about 45 minutes, there was no point, and he didn't know what he was talking about. The scary part, was how utterly convinced this guy was of his position. Fortunately, most people aren't so delusional. But most true believers are. He said he got most of his information from democracy now.

    Anyway, yes, we are broke. We have been broke for a long time. The deficit is well over 1.2 Trillion. According to CBO projections, we should have had a balanced budget by now. The problem is, as they say, all this debt is now structural. The jobs, "structurally", don't exist. So we replace that void with debt. In about 3 years, comes Greek levels, and that's when the wheels fall off. Maybe sooner. The fiscal cliff is a side show. The problem is income generating capacity. The cliff could actually be a good thing, but the economy will take it hard. Much harder than reported.

    Once a person understands the economic fundamentals of the situation, prepping is the next logical course of action. Then, one can understand why the Government demonizes preppers, constitutionalists, veterans, and any "bitter clinger" that wants to keep their guns. The Government knows whats coming too. They are trying to head us off at the pass. Feinstein is talking forced confiscation, via buy back. The people running the show in Washington/DHS etc are hardcore Authoritarians. Thats what all this is about.

    People can't bring themselves to admit the truth. The TSA, DHS, rampant NSA spying with no warrant, DHS listing patriots, constitutionalists and veterans as "right-wing extremists" and potential terrorists. Check points all over the highways, train stations, bus stations, with open borders. US Army war college now preparing for civil war against the American people. US civilian internment manuals leaked by the US army. Obama and Feinstein and the entire liberal press labeling gun owners as racists and terrorists. Forced buybacks are being tabled. Obama passed and signed the NDAA, which authorizes the US military to round up americans on US soil and throw them in a hole, with no trial or lawyer. They passed that. They are setting up a police state. Wake up. This is no longer deniable. They are doing it. People need to wake the fuck up. This is really happening.
  3. Max E.

    Max E.

    Great post, i agree with 99% of it, and you are a very good writer Achilles.

  4. Max E.

    Max E.

    This is one of the only areas i disagree with you on, in my opinion, the scary part is not the utter delusionality of the person you were referring too, by shear odds, lunatics like Krugman will be born, the scary part in my mind, is the fact that most people are actually just as delusional as he is, and most people buy into his bullshit.

    Most people now days believe you can get something for nothing, that thought process is a brick that has been solidly laid in the minds of the general public and it is a key foundation of liberal/keynesian economics.
  5. achilles28


    I see where you're going. Yes, you're right. Most left-wingers bought into the delusion of "something for nothing", class warfare, and the "evils" of capitalism. Well said. It's a point I belabored in another thread, but it's so true. These politicians sell fairy tales. Utopias on the Left. And boogie men on the Right. It's just a fiction to usurp individual rights and consolidate Government power. Give us your guns to create a "better world for our children". Let us spy and torture you to "keep you safe from Al Queda/Saddam/the Soviets" etc. Except this fantasy world that we're promised where nothing bad ever happens, and we're all kept perfectly safe from violence or harm, it never materializes. Ever. That's the con game! Its a con game!!!!

    And these child-like simpletons on the left and right, believe this nonsense!! That "someday", all the guns in the world will be destroyed, and no human will ever have another evil thought again! They actually believe that nonsense!! Or, that any muslim that wishes harm on the US, will be killed, eventually! And we can all go back to living in peace and harmony.... (like we always have!). Grown adults actually believe this horseshit, and are willing to take away our RIGHTS, and give them to Government, in pursuit of it!! Like what is this obsession with mass delusion? It's like people are living in a imaginary dream world
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  7. ===============
    Remember what God did to Pharoah[king of egypt];
    knocked his wheels off then drowned that king/his army./RED SEA

    Praise the LORD ,his love endures forever:cool: :cool:
  8. My recollection is : God had help setting that up.

    If God wants you taken out he simply gives you a brainstem infarct.
  9. We will become the United Federation of Earth, or we will be destroyed.

    It is that simple.
  10. Yeah but who's gonna bail you fucking idiots out, the interplanetary bailout fund of urANUS?
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