Santelli,dumber Than Cramer Or Bigger Mouth?

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    THIS MORNING santelli started explaining how the aig 165million bonuses are nothing andhow the small guy on the street is starting to realize this...He showed an alphabet chart with M,B,T explaining that millions is nothing compared to billions and bllions nothing compared to trillions.This guy cant put down the shovel.Hasnt he learned from cramer?He s turning out to look like a real dumb ass.
  2. santelli > you.

    rick is correct 90% of the time - he's batting way higher then almost any pundit out there.
  3. Rick's a capitalist.

    He trusts the wisdom of the OPEN MARKET more than that of fallible men in government.

    If he's crazy then I'm crazy too.

    GO RICK!
    :D :D
  4. Rick Santelli is a barrel-chested freedom fighter. His opinions on the markets, and their relationships is about as good as one could hope for on CNBC. Rick's the real deal.
  5. What is worse? Wasting 8 billion on pork and another couple trillion on worthless spending or a company that gives out 160 million of tax payer money?

    Both are horrible. One is more horrible.

    Amazingly the issue that is not as important is getting 99% of the attention.

    Get your priorities straight.
  6. He's a dummy, typical of the jokers left on the floor. Wonder why CNBC won't pan the camera back a little and show the vast expanse of emptiness.
  7. Hell, the Wolfman was a phone clerk when i left 15-years ago, and he is still standing there.
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    santelli is the capitalist that was bitching about 75bil going to homeowners and silent on aig's175bil bailout and the 165 million going to the genius' at aig for engineering the implosion.He s going way out of his way too make himself a hypocrite.He doesnt seem to know what bad pr is even tho hes an expert at it.Going on gordon liddy show whining about how the govt is threatening him with going after his family-what a fool.Deluded,paranoid and big Ego problem,just like cramer.Too full of themselves to see their folly.Wonder if those 2 and kudlow hang out.A perfect trio.
  9. I do agree with 90% of what he says.

    He just mentioned that the bonuses are a terrible thing. Good.

    He mentioned that the government is partially to blame because they should have done their homework first before jumping in with lifeboats. Good.

    The only thing I don't really like is that in a way he kind of blew off the 165 million, which is still - our - money. So I am a little ticked about that. I think however that he was just putting into perspective the billions that shouldn't be going to them in the first place.

  10. Agreed .... GO RICK!!!!!!!!!

    The left is surrounding him only because they know he is right, and they don't want to be exposed.

    The left is really, incredibly, juvenile ... perhaps that's why the lust for a Nanny State
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