Santelli calls for Mtg Revolution

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  1. He's been calling it like it is for a while now. I expect him to be fired soon. The people behind CNBC will not tolerate any criticism of Obama.
  2. Steve Leisman just called tax paying traders on the floor with Santelli as thugs.

    I sent CNBC an email demanding an apology.

    Leisman no doubt would his service his thug buddy the Secretary of Treasury in any way possible.

    Generally, real thugs cheat on their taxes.

    If that is true Leisman and his buddy Geitner qualify as thugs more than the work hard, play hard, tax paying trading on the floor in Chicago.
  3. This plan is BS.
  4. Never
  5. Let's not forget that Erin Burnett called Bush a monkey and he didn't even have monkey ears.
  6. santelli must be investigated for sedition and treason
  7. cstfx


    That's MSNBC. The lefty station

    CNBC is their Right voice.

    Pay Attention.
  8. Can Leisman... bring back Marci!
  9. As long as CNBC keeps showing clips of Santelli, I will keep turning on the sound.
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