Santander "could" hire 6,000 new staff in UK

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  1. Santander, the Spanish banking group, is set to launch a recruitment drive that could see it hire 6,000 people as it presses ahead with UK expansion.

    The bank, which has come under fire for poor customer service, plans to hire 600 people over the coming months to improve performance.

    But those familiar with recruitment plans say it is in the market for up to 6,000 over the next year or two.

    That would be in addition to 5,000 frontline employees it is inheriting from Royal Bank of Scotland as part of last month’s acquisition of 318 branches. Santander, which would not confirm the expansion plan, currently has a staff of 22,000.

    The recruitment drive comes as other retail banks also step up hiring of frontline employees. Metro Bank, the start-up that opened a second London branch last week, is to hire 60 more people over the next two months.

    Even the part-nationalised banks RBS and Lloyds are selectively hiring in retail banking, in stark contrast to the cuts in other areas of their operations. Last week RBS announced a further 3,500 back-office job cuts.
  2. Thanks for the post. I knew that Banco (STD) was going on the offensive due to some US regional take over/merger talks. In General Spanish style banking is very poor for the retail consumer. I can remember an American not being able to get assets the were being held by a Spanish bank in Spain from a deceased expatriot. They were given the run around for a very long time. 60 Minutes (CBS) did a segment on on it while ago. Whatever (STD) is going to do they will do it well. Financial inquisition...?

  3. Santander currently employs about 22,000 people.

    The hiring comes amid a wider recovery in the financial services job market. Recruitment is on an upswing, with banks that slashed thousands of jobs at the height of the credit crunch trying to rebuild teams