Santa Clause Rally=Much Higher=More Records

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  1. This market is on a tear, you just cant loose. All negative news is bought like crazy, thats why scared amateurs cant trade these markets. They here bad news and get scared and sit o the side lines.

    The Dow is going to 13000 easy. Just sit back and enjoy the ride, it wont even be bumpy. It will be smooth sailing.

    Buy today Dow 12350 in the cash, Buy the March futures contract today @ 12444.
  2. Are you f-ing CRAZY???

    Thorn, the best trader ET has ever seen and a billion dollar fund manager, guaranteed that the market has topped!

    Well...he said that a few points lower... :p
  3. is this the opposite of the black monday threads we used to see that were such reliable bottom calls?
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    Anyone buying index futures up here as the dow touched its all time high is insane. Touched.....failed......Incredible set up for a short about a lay up.
  5. I knew if the market dipped a tad I would get some hecklers, have no fear ladies and gentleman, just buy them dips, dont let em scare you.
  6. There is too much bullishness in the market.

    I dont like buying into a market like this. Im certain that there will be a pullback in the New Year. If you forced me to take a guess, Im thinking that the New Year will open down.

    You have to ask yourself. Will 2007 be a banner year in growth like the last 3 years? Just as there are V-bottoms, there are also V-tops.

    There is almost always 2 dips in any calendar year, its just a matter of when. This year the 2nd dip was skipped. There were many fund managers who shorted the market expecting the 2nd dip to come. It didnt and so that propelled the market higher when they had to buy back in.

    The jobs number tommorrow might be a pivotal point...

    I would gladly welcome a 10% pullback as it would bring equities down to more comfortable levels.
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    Not heckling you at all. Just saying IMHO, there was a very low risk/ high reward set up at that point. Sure it looks good now....but with the way this mkt has been trading, ANYTHING could happen. I figured if we didnt blow through that high, people would panic....especially the guys who bought the SP around 1431 (Mar) a nice puke down....for now.
  8. Today should be a quiet day, waiting for employment number tomorrow. I really do not know what to expect as far as the market's reaction to that number. Well I am going to do my routine, in those cases, ie. long some individual stocks, short some ETFs, like SMH. I will be net long the market, though, because, despite what I hear, I do not see excessive bullishness, at this point. Plus, I do buy this notion that fund managers want to optimize their bonus by milking this year's profits.
  9. congrats again to all free money dip buyers $$$$
  10. Close your lips and buy those dips.
    Then bank those pips!!!

    Long 'em if they sink.
    You'll be rich in a wink!.

    Buy them if they Cramer.
    Don't be such a lamer!

    Grab that slam.
    Don't give a damn!

    Accrue on the Thud.
    You can't be a dud!

    Stocks catch a thwackin'?
    It's gold you'll be rackin'!

    You get the idea. :D
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