santa claus

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  1. today is the last monday of the scariest month of all: october.

    time for PPT to pump up stocks during the holiday weekends. $anta claus to rip the shorts a new one this december.
  2. And huge rally Novembe, too + rally end of October+December=3000 points in DOW b4 Dec 31st
  3. Dow 20k by Jan 1?? Can we do it!! Can we, can we???

  4. There is no reason why the dow can't retest 14,000 in 15 months or so. That would be realistic given the economy is still fundamentally strong. Everyone is talking about recession and crisis but I can;t see the crisis.
  5. Open your brain.
  6. Everyone looking for a huge capitulation bottom still. if the mkt holds threw the election the bottoms in for 2008 and we could see 10k or so by year end
  7. 10/27 - 10/31
    ES market up +100
    DJI up +950
  8. futures surging

    you cant stop the rally

    vollatility going away go long
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