Santa Claus Rally about to commence

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Xmas rally?

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  1. Yes! Santa is coming to town.

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  2. No, he's gonna sh*t into the chimney

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  3. Who gives a flying reindeer's ass?

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  1. Looking more and more like we're hitting a temporary bottom and we might rally from here (at least until mid-January).

    Going through the charts of MS, GS, C, SPX, NDX among others and I'm more convinced that we might be moving up from here.
  2. yikes!
  3. Let's hope this won't end in tears

  4. Shit in the chimney, classic:D


    I think short term trading is the name of the game right now, banks' technical analysts are warning of a H&S (everybody sees it), will there be a rally or not? ImO it's a 50/50.
  6. dsq


    head and shoulders bottom on the dow...
  7. Well, here we go. Just in time for Xmas weekend. Have a berry merry Xmas to all at ET :)
  8. perfect timing ---- Ive been looking for an example and commentary on an H&S Top

    how bout this?
  9. Nice spot DsQ-

    Head & Shoulder BOTTOM in actually on NAZ & S&P too!

    It's nice to look at the futures and call a santa rally but it is so much more impressive I think to have called this rally to the day ON THANKSGIVING!!!! As the team here at stonedinvesting did. Not only that, we have given you all a boatload of great new plays ready to work for this special time. What more could you ask for... oh yea peace to the world and all that...

    ~ stoney
  10. dsq


    "Nice spot DsQ-"

    funny, i was quickly glancing thru the LA times or wall st journal business section the other day and they always have a 3month(?) graph of the dow on their roundup page...its a very plain bar graph but its the best one ive seen...the hs bottom formation just jumped out at me....
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