Sanford Bernstein analyst raised price target AAPL to $175

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  1. Lets party like it's 1999
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    There we go, I think this the 2nd or 3rd analyst to up aapl price to 175, im sure once it passes 175, 200 could be the new price target.

    it sure feels like 1999 again, but this time all markets around the globe are partying like its 1999. We all know what happened in 2000......


  3. Silly analyst should have listened to me 6 months ago..he be way ahead of the $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

    Yeeee Hawwww AAPL and GOOG!!

    A Big....WOOF, WOOF
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    Apple will go to 200, just watch it.
  5. AAPL Prior Swing Extension Targets...

  6. My concern is all the good news has been factored into the stock already ahead of earnings.
  7. i've been actually very surprised with the stock's performance post-iphone price cut announcement. The jury is still out what benefit Apple is getting from AT&T and their other carrier partners per phone. So much of this runup was due to iphone margin of $200-300/phone (which supports these relatively high stock prices). We'll see ... The forward guidance numbers should provide a clue to whats happening behind the scenes if apple doesn't divulge their exact financial benefits during next earnings call.

    Regardless, the performance of AAPL, AMZN, RIMM, BIDU, GOOG looks just like multiple expansion, as these companies aren't *directly* sensitive to credit market movements. Underlevered to financial market risk, they are getting valuations well and beyond the normal 1 PEG level.

    I loved being the contrarian when AAPL was 85, and GOOG was 460 and these stocks weren't especially loved (1st 2 quarters of 07). Now you can't think on that level if you want to make any $$ of these stocks.. From here up its pure momentum, and we know how that goes.
  8. Especially when Cramer calls them "the four horsemen of tech". That usually is the kiss of death...
  9. Usually I sell into this kind of annnouncement....:p
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