Sandusky Convicted

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  1. Vote for Romney. If we had a Republican President, this judicial travesty would not have occurred. It's only when the Democrats are in power that the pedophile priests and predators are exposed, er , I mean, conjured up.

    I bet many of you die hard conservatives who don't know would like to ask Jerry what it's like to penetrate a fresh young boy's anus.
  2. 99% of homosexuals are democrats. Cant deny the facts.
  3. 99% of Molesters and rapists are Republicans. Can't deny the facts.

    Pedophiles find comfort and leeway in areas dominated by traditionalists and conservatives, such as religion and youth sports programs.

    As you are a self professed traveler, Piel, perhaps you have a confession you would like to unburden from your many "travels"
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    I will. I don't see what the democraps have to do with Sandusky though.
  5. At this point in the election it's pure desperation for the dems. They'll fuck anything to round up some votes.

    Teachers & teachers unions are generally democrat. Here is a study that finds that a democrat teacher is 100 times more likely to molest kids than a priest.

    Cant deny the FACTS!
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    Nice try, the word "democrat" does not appear in that article, so it appears they did not split the population of teachers by political affiliation. Keep up the fallacyo.