Sandra Fluke Draws Another Crowd

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  1. Sandra Fluke Draws Another Crowd

    By Eliana Johnson
    November 2, 2012 3:29 P.M.

    It’s good to know that, with the election just around the corner, “women’s rights” activist and Obama surrogate Sandra Fluke is managing to draw a bigger crowd. In fact, it’s multiplied fourfold since her visit to Reno last month, which drew ten people. The Independent Florida Alligator covered Fluke’s visit to the University of Florida earlier today:
    Based on the report, it also sounds like Fluke is drawing new people into the Obama coalition:
    After her speech, Fluke walked students to an “early voting van.” The article does not mention whether she lured them inside with Halloween candy.
  2. like obama, she is community organizing with hopes to be prez some day. :D
  3. pspr


    Was she turning tricks? Opps. I mean was she doing any tricks to entertain the crowd.
  4. Lucrum


    I just noticed that Sandra Fluke is running for the CA state senate.

    In other news, democratic CA state senators are firing their interns in droves. Rumor has it, they will no longer be needed.