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    Top of the right shoulder of the head and shoulders on the SandP 500 index. Why not short here? If we do rally, the loss is very small, with a stop loss just above the highs. But if we do sell off, it could be a huge win.
  2. Oh no, it's another one of these head & shoulders formations. You'll to show me where this head & shoulders is because I don't see it. [​IMG]
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    It's very easy to see. Look at the recent high of the $SPX. Put you a horizontal line on it. See if you can find the very obvious left shoulder, and the head should present itself to you.
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    lol you have the nerve to blast that Bone guy's trading/teaching ability in his thread, then you start this gem of a thread.

    Good luck with your h&s patterns pal.
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    Thanks. If it doesn't work out I'll lose a tiny little bit of money. Teeny teeny tiny. If it works, I'll make a ton. This is directly opposite of what Bone would do. Which is take massive losses, and tiny wins.
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    I didn't blast him for giving calls, I would admire any one who shared, he doesn't do that. I blast him because he's a liar and a phoney who tries to trick new traders into giving his lame ass money.
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    All these top calls are leading me to believe we head higher even though logic tells me we need a healthy pullback /dumping right now.
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    I'm not making a top call, I'm making a great area to attempt a trade call
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    then why is this thread titled "SandP500 top call"?

  10. busted...

    However, this thread was busted as soon as it gets into H&S as a viable way to make coin. When are people going to get out of the Trading 101 books from Dr. Seuss and start learning to trade?

    “Look at me!
    Look at me!
    Look at me NOW!
    It is fun to have fun
    The Head and the Shoulder
    are not from a COW!.”

    “'Have no fear, little newbie,'
    Said the Cat in the Hat.
    'These Things are
    And he gave them a pat."
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