Sanboxie -vs- ZA Forcefield -vs- Returnil

Discussion in 'Backup and Security' started by ByLoSellHi, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Opinions? Which is best?

    Anyone have experience with all three?
  2. I've tried all three now, and I like them all.

    Sandboxie seems lightest on resource usage.

    Returnil is very different in the manner by which it protects.
  3. I am now using Comodo Pro Free +Defense (quit ZoneAlarm Free), AVG, FireFox 3.01, on a Penryn Core2 Duo System, with Windows XP SP3, and am now surfing with ZoneAlarm ForceField, and I feel invisible.

    According to Shields Up!, I have a perfect score,with even the extended port test.
  4. lol, invisible indeed.

    How come you trade naked?
  5. Don't knock it till you try it. Get in the zone.
  6. virtualization, yeah that's going to do it, a hacker downloads a keylogger to your pc, you use your banking online password and login, the hacker has it, the next time you reboot his tracks are wiped away.........

    Read up on whitelisting, the way windows is designed the only possible way to use it without disaster is behind a whitelisting firewall.... for surfing it has to be a Linux or MAC, probably the Linux will be better but I never want that much hassle from a computer again in my lifetime, I'll get a MAC next time I buy a computer.

    The blacklisting/antivirus/antispyware industry is not going to give up on this ever, and they are never going to be more than minimally effective, it's just part of the Windows territory that it's easy to hack. Check out the hack of Vista's "security".......
  7. Interesting....

    Thanks for the link.
  8. I tried Returnil... it worked OK but as my HDD was not partitioned so that data folders were separate from the system folder, there wasn't a good way to handle MetaStock "saving data to disk". It would save to the virtual folder, but that was always at risk to a power failure or my forgetting to copy the virtual disk to HDD before closing the virtual.

    If Returnil came up with a way to specifically allow the virtual to "save to HDD" or "copy to HDD real-time", I'd give it another try. The whole concept makes sense... let alone the speed increase from having every function run from RAM.