San Jose Police Source Warns TTAC That Crime Is Skyrocketing; Take Precautions

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    Thieves Know the Way to San Jose: It Sucks Out There

    By Robert Farago
    June 17, 2009


    We just received this e-mail from a TTAC commentator’s friend in the SJPD.

    Just finished working 6 shifts in San Jose. I can say from the front lines, stolen cars, burglaries, vandalism and theft are significantly up from where they were a few years ago. The bad times are back. I recommend you exercise higher than normal precautions regarding the security of your property and person. This story is just one example. It probably won’t make the papers but on one shift we had four trucks where the catalytic converters were stolen. Go figure. I also took more than the usual rate of stolen car reports. And if you think they’re stealing luxury cars, think again. The cars stolen were all worth between $300 and $4000. They were all parked on public streets in front of residences. Robberies are up. People are hungry and mean again. Take care and be safe out there.
  2. MattF


    Whatever is worth something, they'll take.

    The sad part is, many are fighting over the scraps.

    Add to it the catch and release policies of many cities, and the problem just perpetuates.
  3. "people are hungry & mean again"..........just like the 70` Yogi would say ,it`Deja Vu all over again.
  4. Just like the 70's? Everyone I knew in the 70's were full of love and crappy cheap dope.