San jose, California

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  1. billsingh


    Anyone one from this area ?? any user groups available in this area ???? please email me
  2. I am here in the SouthBay. not alot of action going on it this hood. I have many more trading contacts in SF but not alot in SJ
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    WyckoffTrader, we should fine more guys and create a group out of here. more then one brain is better in this business.

    have nice weekend.
  4. I'm over in Ben Lomond if you guys don't mind climbing the hill.
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    ssternlight, you mean Belmont ???
  6. Ben Lomond -- Scotts Valley, Felton, Santa Cruz. Ring any bells? :)
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    ssternlight, I mainly trade Nasdaq stocks like YHOO CSCO INTL and QQQQ and like to stick with it. So far I am doing ok. I will also check with guys to see if we can all meet once a month to exchange the ideas.
  8. Not my thing at all. I'm into futures and commodities. No worries. Good trading with equities. If you want to see risk/reward in futures take a look at what happened to oil in the last hour or so...
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    Cupertino here. Trading futures for 10 years. Don't know of any groups in the southbay who meet regularly. Send PM if interested.
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    I primarily trade the OEX. Traded futures for 10 years prior. Here is a guy that notifies traders of monthly group meetings in Los Gatos area...........

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