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  1. (Not Spam, but an offer for Elite members).

    I am holding a "Beyond the Snake-Oil" seminar in San Francisco on April 6th.

    Anyone from the board who wants to attend can send me an IM and I will take $50 off of the price (down to $149). We will be holding interviews for traders (standard package and "lo cash/no cash" programs.

    I will answer questions about this event, but any "nay sayers" just skip past it. I know Baron is walking a tightrope here with the advertising, but I want offer something to the readers here.
  2. You' re saying that you are simply motivated out of a sense.....oh forget it. It's just not worth it anymore.
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    I am aware that you hold FIVE day seminars/classes and I am wondering what the difference is between what you cover in the one day vs. the five day?
  4. Hi Don,

    I was just wondering, since I don't know that much about you, if you have an audited track record of performance. You have a seminar, but I want to make sure that the person I will be learning from is worth learning from.

    Please post your audited results here . Thanks,

    Sam Contari
  5. The weekend seminars are painted with a little "broader stroke" - we cover a lot of things from the investing (online) world as well as serious trading. The additional Sunday AM session is devoted to advanced trading strategies which Bob and I present to the more "elite" traders.

    We can tell a lot about "what" we do, it take a little longer to show and explain 'how" we do it. Hope to see you there!!
  6. Good question, and that is why I call the seminar "Beyond the Snake Oil' - we will actually show what is working today. Not just our own trading, but the results of hundreds of the best traders in the World.

    We sit atop a perch where we can see many facets of trading taking place (since Bright Trading is one of the largest professional firms in the Country).

    Our track record is pretty well known, and even my little "opening strategies" have been posted here on elite.

    We are not selling "advice" or "stock picks" - because we know that no one can tell you what to trade...we show people strategies that happen to be working within the industry, and more important ..what and who to look out for. Hope to see you there...

    BTW, we are a heavily regulated industry, unlike the "showmen" out in the field, and we are prohibited from posting our records in any case. We will show actual results on actual trading sheets based on what we are doing at the time...we have nothing to hide here...and we (my brother and I) trade daily....and if you get to know us, you will see that we are forthright. Hope to see you there!!
  7. I appreciate your answer.

    But I don't understand why you would be prohibited from posting an authentic, audited track record. A track record of performance that has been audited, is akin to telling the truth, and how can the truth be something that isn't shared, especially if this is the trading business.

    "The truth shall set you free"

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    If I wish to become a trader under Bright after attending the
    San Francisco seminar, and you guys accept me as such, are the seminar fees rebated? And, do you offer a discount on the five day classes for your existing traders?
  9. This seminar is very low cost ($199 including lunch and the follow up day of advanced trading), we just try to break even with that.

    The 5 day school has a 1 time (lifetime) fee of only $1,000. We not only allow, but encourage traders to return as "continuing education" - it is a must in this business.
  10. Since we are actually "in" the trading business, as opposed to the "seminar" business, we have no need to pay auditors to audit our personal records or the hundreds of successful traders we have. I appreciate your comments, and will be glad to show you my personal sheets(of displayed techniques) at the seminar if you like. If I were to broadcast our (my brother and I) sheets to the World, it would look like "showboating" or "exaggeration" and we don't want to be accused of that. Even in our schools, we simply refer to tactics that work by the average trader with an average account. How much sense would it make to show sheets that have hundreds of thousands of shares being traded?? Would that look like something that everyone could do?

    And, our "Regulators" and Compliance Officer won't allow it (again, because we are in a highly regulated industry, not in the "seminar" business). We offer real value to those who want it, come on by and you'll be surprised!
    See you in San Francisco..
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