SAN FRANCISCO / Bay Area Traders!?

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  1. Hi! I would like to meet/interact with other S.F. area traders. Personally, I'm interested in daytrading index e-minis using technical analysis. If you can please reply on this thread, so it's visible longer and more local traders see this thread. Or you can PrivMsg me.
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    but am not activly trading although I follow the market action daily...always enjoy talking to other traders locally in the bay area.

    PM me if you want...

    good trading all...

  3. Is Santa Cruz part of Bay Area?:D
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  5. I'm in Fairfield.
  6. just wanted this to go to the top of the thread.. is that cheating?:D
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    Santa Cruz is in the Half Moon Bay Area not the San Francisco Bay Area. Think you better brush up on Geography be fore you take up a brain taxing activity like trading.:cool:
  8. Actually Santa Cruz is on Monterey Bay. Half Moon Bay is on Half Moon Bay.
  9. SC is on MB
  10. Thanks for the tip on "Plastics".
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