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  1. Another day, another set of national rankings placing San Francisco quite literally on top. We admit this one piqued our interest more than most: The average San Franciscan has had 30 sexual partners, more than residents of any other city.

    Poor Chicago. It ranked lowest with 11.

    So says the Trojan U.S. Sex Census. And if you can't trust a survey by a condom company, what can you trust? The online survey was conducted in 10 cities; 200 people from each city were counted.

    But back to the results, and there are many. San Franciscans are the least likely to believe in abstinence before marriage (24 percent); the most likely to have learned about sex in school (52 percent); the least likely to have had sex in rural areas (5 percent) and the most likely to say they've masturbated (86 percent).

    We figured the Department of Public Health might have some interesting things to say about the statistics. After all, they're the open-minded folks who dress up in a 6-foot-tall Healthy Penis costume at street fairs to promote syphilis awareness.

    "It appears San Franciscans like to masturbate. We don't like sex in the woods. But once we get down to business, we know what we're doing," said spokeswoman Eileen Shields. "What a city, huh? Call the Vistors Bureau."

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    How many of those people surveyed were gays with 10k partners each? It kind of skews the averages. I would like to see the numbers sans Castro District.
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    God hates gays. Well he doesn't hate them, he hates what they do.
  4. I read a sex article somewhere that since men have a higher sex drive than women types of couples have different amounts of sex:

    Man + Man = Most sex
    Man + Woman = Good amount of sex
    Woman + Woman = Least sex