San Diego vs. Boca Raton/Miami

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  1. I've always thought of San Diego and Boca Raton/Miami as domestic dream locales for independent traders/hedge funds.

    However, San Diego seems overly expensive, even compared to NYC.

    Apart from the beautiful weather is there a vibrant social scene there compared to NY?

    Any other insights on San Diego?

    How would you rank the two cities - pros and cons?

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    Florida income tax rates are lower than in California.
  3. early wake up calls in san diego!!
  4. Apart from higher taxes and West coast time differences what are other pros and cons?

    Thanks folks.
  5. better looking women in Miami! :D
  6. has great great weather, lots of hills, golf courses and great surf.

    problem is HORRIFIC traffic and people drive too fast... the food is also poor compared to NYC
  7. in florida people drive very very slow...
    a lot of 80 yr olds in the left lane doing 50 too afraid to change lanes to get out of the way..
  8. boca raton is much different than miami, i hope u realize that.
    much of boca are retired nyc people, although u have 2 universities there so there is a younger crowd as well.

    when u go downtown miami its like somwhere in latin america, most people speak spanish or portuguese and assume u do too.
    sout beach is an exception to that.
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    sout beach speak english?
  10. in so cal, they will run you off road if your NOT doing 85
    and there are nasty crashes all the not kidding
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