San Diego Trading Expo

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Spectra, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. Did anyone from ET go to the trading expo this weekend? Anything eye catching? Wasn't able to get out there.

  2. asragov


    I was only able to visit the exhibitor stands (not the seminars).

    The biggest interest seemed to be generated by Vector Vest, who had decent-size crowds watching their demos.

    I was glad to meet the folks from TradeGuider (one of the trading tools that I use).

    There were quite a number of software vendors there (most selling a service model, X$/month to screen stocks or get their picks). I had never heard of most of these.

    Also, there were several companies offering services, teaching how to trade.

    The biggest stands were probably from Fidelity (Active Trader) and Schwab.

    Also, there were a few magazines (like Equities) that seemed to be mostly advertising, and not offer real content.

    In any case, it was nice to see such an exhibit in San Diego.
  3. robmitch


    i also went-

    seems 1/3rd of the booths are some kind of trader training

    1/3rd brokers

    1/3rd trading software

    and some misc firms like the magazines etc.

    was worth going- i also did not attend any speakers
  4. It sucked balls.
  5. malaka56


    ditto on the ball sucking...

    My free nasdaq totalview t-shirt was the best thing about it.
  6. thx for the input