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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. No, Don won't explain them. I have asked him point blank questions many times, and he just refuses to answer the question, which in itself is sufficient evidence for any objective party to see what the answer really is.

    Don is like a greased pig. Even if you do happen to catch him, he remains one slippery porker.
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  2. Was the question ever answered from one of the other threads that you commented on where it was brought up at a Bright radio show that now is one of the best times to be trading stocks. I never heard the followup explanation to support this claim.

    My first thought to why there is a Bright trip down to San Diego is to figure out how to stop the loss of traders from Bright offices in Southern CA. I know the last few months has been hard on a lot of offices but I am guessing the low cost office approach is finally catching up when traders can cross the street and get better technology/support with lower rates. Just MY opinion though.
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  3. Or we can just get together to share information about techniques, etc. Don't read too much into this. Just bring an open mind and an empty glass. See you all this afternoon.

    Come on us your will be fun.....

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  4. jester

    jester Guest

    Jem...AND Don....

    I am interested in seeing IF Don will respond, in the past he would respond with some flippant response w/o addressing the question I'll wait with interest to see how he responds.

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  5. Heck, come on's not an inquisition, it's a cocktail party....and I defy anyone on this board to show me any other Firm who has answered anywhere near the questions that I have.

    This is certainly not a war.....or even worse, a political

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  6. Because you may be better than the rest, that your sins aren't as bad as others, that is your excuse?

    You still refuse to answer direct questions, because the answers show your underbelly.

    Man, you sound like Heidi Fleiss, who justifies what she did because she thinks she is a higher class pimp.
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  7. Thank you for saying that I am better than the rest. And, heck, I can't even see my "underbelly".....but, now I must ask, what justifies your accusations? Come on down and show your stuff!! Hate for you to miss this opportunity.

    Your "higher class pimp"....or "provider of opportunities for those who otherwise would not have them."......

    Come on down.......don't be afraid.....for gosh's sakes....

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  8. Come on Don......don't be afraid....for gosh's sakes.....just answer the direct questions....
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  9. Come down and ask them......"for gosh's sakes"

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  10. Answer them in the Forum first.
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