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Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by Don Bright, Apr 24, 2003.

  1. you can tell don's a good man. Ill admit, I didnt think so at first, but its true

    cheers don,

    Id like to swing by to say hello, but cant.

    Hope you enjoy S.D
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  2. Don,

    I know its going to be a good time....

    ATB (all the best)...
    #22     Apr 26, 2003
  3. Looking to have a good group show up. Let's share what's "working" and what's not. I'll try to hold off any personal discussions until we can meet in the office the following day (hangovers and all!!)......

    4PM Tuesday....Hard Rock.....see you there...

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  4. I will be there, incognito, of course.
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  5. jem


    Don, this could be an interesting meeting. If I were to go I would have a few questions for you.

    I have heard you are allowing traders to take over your offices. Sort of like a franchise. Didn't you disparage your business competitors for this practice very recently? I could find the link. I remember you ripped LLCs and now apparently you work for one. I was wondering with the new desire to let others take over offices and your being an LLC are you planning to expose traders to more risk.

    Now again I have no annomosity for Bright Trading becasue that is where I started to learn how to trade but I just thought I should keep this "good man" thing within the proper context.
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  6. Please come by, and let's chat....I would love to share with you how the industry has changed, and how we (BT) have made some new opportunities for successful traders and groups to get involved at a higher level (without all the negatives involved with "sub-llc's".......

    Look forward to seeing you!!

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  7. jem


    Don while we are in discussion here, I could save you a few drinks. How do your BT owned offices and the current and future individual trader owned offices differ from the groups you called ("sub llc's"). By the way that is your name for your competitors so I guess you should be able to define it. Don, I know the industry has changed and I think you may be trying to catch up with it as usual.

    But since you were the one putting your competitors operations down, I thought you might lay it out here for all to see the pros and cons of those different business models. You know the models you said were inferior to Bright Trading's that you are now adopting.

    Or you could admit you purposely misled the readers of this board to disparage your customers business models while at the same time changing yours to meet theirs. Your call. But I am having fun here because I expect you will apologize or at least admit you were blowing smoke.
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  8. jem


    I thought I might bring the above question back to the front page again. Thanks.
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  9. i'll do it again
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  10. jem


    You may be traveling so I am not going to say --where are you -but know this question will not go away. You will face your past not so bright statements on this board and you will explain them.

    An astute reader will have a lot of questions about what is going on at bright. Have you really changed your business structure? I find this stunning based on your previous statements. Imagine the questions I can raise. All legimate, all non-disparging all fun. And in the end the traders may have a better organization because of the scrutiny we are about to create across the industry. Don you started this and I am going to continue it. Because it will be fun and beneficial.

    Questions to be addressed
    #30     Apr 29, 2003