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  1. Or at least free drinks.....I'm heading to San Diego next week for a "meet and greet" at the Hard Rock in LaJolla. 4PM on Tuesday the 29th!! All traders are invited (please bring your significant other as well), call Mike at: 858.729.9950, just to let me know how many to count on.....

    We can discuss our new trading techniques, hardware and software, and just plain hang out.

    Friends, competitors, everyone is invited....I really want to check out the SoCal trading scene.....believe it or not, I have never even been to my LaJolla office.

    Everyone.......Everyone is welcome.....alias or not....There will be NO unwelcome solicitation, NO unwelcome recruiting.....and, heck, free cocktails!!!

    I will post this on a few threads.....

    If you prefer to stay more "anonymous"....just send me a PM with your handle....I just want to know how many to count on......

  2. hey Don,

    what's the agenda?

    the talking points?

    drinks are nice, but, uh....
  3. nitro


    777 is from San Diego!

    nitro :eek:
  4. jester

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    Don's using the "casino" method of recruiting...get em drunk so they'll not know their losing...he is from Las Vegas!

    Nitro I was just thinking that too 777 is from San Diego, I would LOVE to be a fly on that barstool when he ambled up to Don and said.."________fill in your own remark_________"


  5. I live in San Diego. How am I going to maintain my anonymity of I show up?
  6. jester

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    Go in a disguise and tell your Aphie! or better yet tell them your candletrader and where are all the hot chicks??

    Bwahhhahhhhhahhhahhhhahhhah:p :p :p

  7. nitro



    nitro :D
  8. Come on guys, let's get past the paranoia. If I was nearly as devious as some others out there, I would simply send in an anonymous "trader" to other firms (as has been done in most of our offices), and promise a life of no commissions and "tangerine dreams"....

    Who of you really thinks that you can have your life "altered" by simply hanging out with some other traders. I have always shared trading styles and new stuff (sometimes even to the chagrin of our own traders).

    I'm taking a page out of the past...from the exchange trading floors....where we can mingle a bit, find that our similarities far outweigh our differences...and perhaps even pick up some new ideas for the effort.

    O777.....just give me a secret handshake, and don't worry about the "facial recognition camera" at the door, or the well camaflagued bouncers, Heck it might be nice to say hi.

    For the rest of you, who are more concerned about living your life, trading for profits, and having some fun....come on by. "What's the downside"??

    And as far as the "get them drunk scenerio" can always order sodas (like that's gonna happen in San Diego!) lol....


    For those less paranoid, I will have a sign up sheet for free Stocks and Commodities subscriptions for all who attend.

    I will be "incognito" - in my Tom Cruise body armor.....or else the "fat guy in a hawaiian shirt" disguise, not sure which.

    See you there!
  9. Will you also be wearing your Don King wig?


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