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  1. Hey guys, I was hoping someone would know something about any trading groups or offices in San Diego. I have a deal with group from Chicago, so I am not looking for a deal. I am looking for offices with others traders, doing their own thing, yet looking for others in the business to share ideas, and have others around. Trading alone sucks and I hate it! If there aren't opportunities like this, maybe some of us can get together for a couple of beers!
  2. Vtrader has an office, used to be in LJ, but I think they have moved it up to Solana Beach. Try messaging WyckoffTrader. His real name is Jeff Guftason. He is a principal there even though his main office is in San Jose. At one time he and I discussed renting a seat in the SD office, simply for me to do my own thing. I realized that I get too distracted around others though, so I decided to stay solo. Yeah, it does suck. I personally make more money that way however.
  3. Only a small office in Solano Beach that is for experienced guys. I am not associated with iTrading nor VTrader anymore and simply trading my own capital and that capital for the CTA that was established.

    Why? to much trading opportunity to screw around with commish model and dealing with others who are trying to learn...but good luck to all newbies in this game.
  4. Yeah! Tons of opportunity right now with all of the trading signals I get from my system.

    I am in Chula Vista in San Diego, I moved here from Colorado last year!

    Who wants to hang out and party? I've got porn, 420, and some brewski!

    Mix all three and add in being short ES and it's a PAAAAAAAAAAARTY!
  5. Hey mile trader, I checked out some of your other posts. It sounds like you found the holy grail. Go Renko!
  6. Ohh yeah, I have a keg of Old Mill from the weekend, lets get together and finish her off!!! Go KEG STANDS!
  7. hey over in la jolla...ocean breeze or somethingorother down on prospect.

    they may be looking for traders in there...i stopped by to check it out, but they said no beer and no cheeba...not my thing. and i think this curly blonde hair d00d was looking to get in on the renko sytem madness and milehigh ain't gonna play that game!

    you wanna ride the dragon, you hold on to the tail. i hold the horns!