San Diego Traders Expo

Discussion in 'Hook Up' started by Ezzy, Jun 14, 2007.

  1. Ezzy


    The San Diego Expo is next week. I'll be there all week. Anyone else going?

    - EZ
  2. DojiBB


    I will be there except for part of Friday (my anniversary). Would love to meet for lunch or something. :)
  3. Liz and I will be there t. f. and s
  4. 2 other trading buddies of mine are going. Will Cramer be there?
  5. asragov


  6. Never gone to one... was going to go to this one, but ending up going to the one in las vegas.
  7. malaka56


    Has anyone found any of the seminars/workshops useful? I went to a few but none of them are geared to my style of trading, so I was quite bored. I couldn't help but wonder how many people there make their living exclusively from trading... Lots of curious people though, for sure.

    How has everyones experience been?
    Enjoy the weather!

    PS. I do like my new Nasdaq TotalView T-shirt quite a bit. ;)
  8. hi malaka,

    In my opinion SD ranks lowest and Vegas ranks highest. NYC is in between.

    There were several killer workshops in SD.

    There was lots of humor as well. I took about a pad of notes a day to glean where various people and presenters were coming from.

    For me, audience questions are my fav since they take the conversation to new places.

    SD was pretty easy for reading audiences (according to a couple of the presenters.) And the participants seemed fairly immune to the hard sell types.

    I recommend skipping the hustlers once you have seen them at any show. There is one in particular that is adding breadth to her stuff. It has been like watching a newbie do a presentation. so that is worth watching since the audience gets more and more provocative as the show procedes.

    For me the live trading is most fun and the programs where the computers are used to do sorts and analysis are great too. The drag and drop stuff is getting very good and it is so fast compared to the scripting stuff.

    The weakest part of the expo is the quant stuff. but on the otherhand it is kind of humourous because there is a lot of audience angagement.

    The panel mods are the neatest to watch. Obviously they meet for lunch ahead of time to get some direction. But the humor of a guy asking questions to really smart people is very evocative since the mods do not know how to draw anything out after their initual Q. A couple of the panelists were terrific for getting a dialogue going among themselves. there is no way a goldman saks guy can defend himself against a vegas champion poker player in trading.

    The expos are great for getting together for meals with people you know, checking in with a lot of good trader/presenters a few times a year, and just the chance meetings with people of like mind.

    The sequence for ET from vegas to nyc to SD is an ever declining presence it looks like.

    They are broadcasting the replays of some of the sessions at On one of them there was a Q about whether or not a panelist would allow a person to watch him for a fee. Very humorous moment.