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  1. wouldn't mind some local connections here. Do a mix of markets and commodities (even a little currency). just like to shoot the shit on fundamentals, technicals, etc.
  2. Hey scriabinop23,
    I'm in Japan right now, but I'll be back in San Diego starting the 15th. Just like you, I would like to get a group of traders together to b/s about the markets, trading, styles/strategies, etc. We could grab a couple of beers or something. I think some of the Tuco traders get together once a month or so. I'll be sure to ask them when I'm there in the next week or two to check out the office. Let me know if you set something up.
  3. yeah definitely.. where in town are you? on your own or work at prop?
  4. Well, I'm getting out of the Marines in less than a week. I have been trading for the past 4 years and am interested in trading prop with Tuco Trading. I'll be heading home to Rancho San Diego (El Cajon/ La Mesa area), but if I trade with Tuco, I think a place in Mission Valley would be best. Where do you reside? I have been trading mostly equities, but would love to discuss currency, futures, etc.
  5. I'll PM you
  6. I am in the palm Springs area... if there becomes a large group of traders i am down for a road trip, and some good conversation.

  7. drfrankm


    The San Diego Forex Trading Meetup Group.
    Meet other local people who are interested in FOREX (Currency) Trading. Gather and discuss trading Forex professionally and exchange ideas about strategy, the psychology of trading, and possibly turning Forex into a profitable hobby.

    If you are in San Diego then please drop by.