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  1. I've heard good things about Evolution in San Diego but I haven't been able to find any other firms out there. Echo, Bright and others all seemed to have closed up shop down there. Is Evolution the only game in town down in San Diego?
  2. Any one have any info on Evolution in San Diego? I've talked to 3 traders privately, just wanted to see if any one else has anything on them. Also any other info on prop shops in SD is welcome.
  3. The firm I work for is going to be opening a San Diego branch within the next 3 months.
  4. I know the guys. Mike Kestler is one of the better traders I have seen. It is a good group.
  5. Website or address of this prop shop ?
  6. I did a search for the gentleman who writes the newsletter for "Evolution" and found this....sounds like they have a Christian slant, which certainly couldn't hurt, LOL. My old friend, Dave Floyd along with Mike Kestler....

    November 08, 2005
    CFRN -- A Guiding Light For The Christian Investor
    The Christian Financial Radio Network welcomes Dave Floyd of Aspen Trading and Mike Kestler of Evolution Capital as co-hosts of the increasingly popular show, "Prosperity for God's People."


    All the best to everyone.....

  7. hell yeah!!!
    And im going to come out there and train!!

  8. jem


    I find the news about Dave and Mike intriguing on
    so many different levels, for multiple reasons.

    One thing I find particularly ironic.. Is that when I lived in San Diego, I used to listen to one of the leaders of Christian Radio take a very dim view of trading on my drive home from the daytrading office I owned with Dave. (Mike was also trading in our office at that time.) While I had no problem reconciling my trading with my beliefs, I certainly understood why Christian Pastors would not find daytrading to be a very "productive activity". Now these guys are on a Christian money network.

  9. Mike Kestler, nor Evolution Capital is associated with any religious group or whatever.

    Mike was approached by a gentleman to make commentary on his website and radio show. It just so happens it is a Christian network.

    Thats all.
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