San Diego Man really socks it to those evil wall street fat cats.

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  1. Take that wallstreet!!! :D

    Man Falls to Death During Occupy SD

    A man fell to his death from the top of a parking structure during the Occupy San Diego protest Monday.

    The movement's organizers believe the man may have been a homeless individual who had joined the encampment downtown.
    While San Diego police initially ruled the fall a suicide, new information released by the county's medical examiner overnight suggests the man was trying to hang flyers on the outside walls of the San Diego Concourse parking structure around 3:30 p.m when he lost his balance and fell to his death.
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  3. Darwinism illustrated.
  4. He was hanging a sign that said - "Herb" Cain for President.
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    The unions probably paid him to hang those signs. I wonder if he was an employee or a sub-contractor.
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    I wish we could contact his family, and rub it in.
  7. Let me know if you find the phone number. :D
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