San Diego Internet Access

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by pacifictrader, May 26, 2006.

  1. Im searching for other internet options available in San Diego. I currnetly use Time Warner Cable (roadrunner), and Im looking into SBC Business DSL. Does anyone know of other options available?
  2. cox cable here in SD is very reliable and fast
  3. Have the SBC/AT & T "elite" package and consistently get

    5 mbps down
    500 kpbs up

    Have had no issues.

    Used to have RR professional which was faster. But live in a high rise and my tech guy came to the conclusion with the way the building was wired I was experiencing "packet loss". I am clueless with this stuff. But the DSL package I am currently on is just fine.
  4. Cox San Diego email is not reliable. March was a nightmare! They lost a business day's worth of my email, as well as many other Southwest clients of theirs, and NEVER sent out any communication alerting us of this. They've tried to sweep it under the rug like nothing ever happened.

    I like their internet service speed, but not their email. I suggest you have a backup.