San Diego And San Jose Approve Pension Cuts In A Landslide Vote Read more: http://ww

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  2. shit be hitting the fan everywhere!
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    Wonderful news. The dogs, under the table, battling for scraps, dropped by the fat fucks at the table, and "your" dog got one. Yahoo. : )
  4. Welcome to the real world where all the rest of America works.
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    exactly, as if govt workers are not 30 to 50 percent overpaid... and they get multi million dollar retirement packages. I think we need to cap and trade the benefits are getting from the govt.
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    F*ck 'em
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    Apparently both Greek frontrunners are campaigning to roll back austerity measures, restore guv salaries and benefits *AND* stay in the Euro. It's really incredible. Europeans are completely delusional. At least the Tea Party have an inkling that market forces won't accept US debt-to-GDP >130%.
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    They fucked us for long enough. It's time we fuck them :D
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    Good points. I like to look on the bright side-when Argentina had thier crisis[WSJ said it was party because people wanted to retire @50 yearsof age,]. The old Argentina crisis/Exodus, helped Uruguay, like a good neighbor.

    Some learn from history; some dont.

    Some deja vu, all over gain. Greece borrrowers & lenders are fleeing to the German banks, with thier Euros. Good thing there is no speed limit on the German autobhan. I just hope the ECB is better at math than I am.

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