Samsung seeks iPhone 4S sales ban in France, Italy

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  1. HONG KONG (MarketWatch) - Samsung Electronics Co. moved Wednesday to block the sale of Apple iPhone 4S in France and Italy, according to various reports from the region. The company will apply to courts in Milan and Paris Wednesday morning to block the sale of Apple's new smartphone, citing alleged patent infringements involving Samsung's 3G, or third-generation, transmission technology, according to Dow Jones Newswires. The wire cited a statement by Samsung that described Apple's infringement as "too severe" and added that the "iPhone 4S should be barred from sales."
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    oh samsung phones are a pathetic pastiche and still they go to courts with patent infringement claims against the the company that they blatantly copy. :O
  3. Actually, Samsung phones are pretty damn good and Android OS is significantly different from IPhone aside from some GUI visual aspects.

    IPhone is a toy, Droid phones are serious biz.
  4. Samsung filing cases is just a ploy to make Apple to with draw cases filed against them. HTC also in the same boat.
    Nokia gave a funatastic oppurtunity in the last 3 years for HTC and samsung by sticking to their shit os.
    Samsung beacme strong in the smart phone market because of Android and Nokia's goofy strategy.
    Only windows phone strategy will bring Nokia back to life some what.

    Even in emerging markets where Nokia had a strong hold in budget phone is gone.
    In India local 3-4 brands have taken lion share in budget phone market( china model strapped local tag with big advt+ lip service-"service".

    Sony Ericxson did not make that mistake and introduced many android models. but none of them had big screen (music and build quality as good as Nokia)

    Apple is in a seperate universe. Premium android phones+tabs are just pin pricks.Apple sells whatever it can produce as of now.

    I dont have any Apple fone/tab.

    First Nexus one and now Nexus S for the last 1 year or so (no contract)

    Looking for a 7" tab + 3 G inbuilt (not wifi only model) soon.
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    I think after this latest release of the new iphone apple might start to lose market share to the droids.... many apple fans are disappointed with this latest release that took over 16 months, you would think there would be significant changes to the new iphone, like larger screen, sleeker design, maybe get rid of the glass backing.

    Many will say that apple did a great job on this new phone, I say who cares about an upgraded camera, the iphone 4 was fast enough but of course now its "faster" using the A5 chip.... everyone knows when you technology advances so I dont find these differences to be anything great.

    According to this poll I found this is not looking good. Apple trading down another $10 to $362!

    Poll: Was the iPhone 4S worth the wait?

    Yes - I can't wait to own the latest gadget from Apple.
    No - It was a disappointment.
    Not sure - I'll reserve judgement until I can use it myself.