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  1. This is a Samsung Monitor that I saw for the first time this weekend at BestBuy. More money then the Dells when they are on special, however I prefer Samsung myself.

    Samsung - SyncMaster 19" Flat-Panel TFT-LCD Monitor - Black 930B. 1280 x 1024 resolution; DVI input; 8 ms response time; 300 cd/m² brightness; 700:1 contrast ratio. $379.99 less available rebates.

    <A HREF="" TARGET="_top">All Samsung PC monitors on sale, + free shipping! Exp 06-25-05!
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    I had one of these for a couple of weeks and returned it. It is difficult to see in the store, but in use, the bottom half of the screen is lighter than the top half. It drove me nuts! But it is a good choice for gaming, because the response time is so fast. But I prefer the 1905fp because of the consistent picture.
  3. Farside, is it possible it was the specific monitor that you had? Thanks for mentioning this, I was planning on bringing one home today.

    What I was actually looking for at the time was another 912N which is analog only, and they also didn't have any in the store; I saw this one which I hadn't seen before.

    One more question for you, have you ever had any of the dell xx01 series to compare to the xx05? I didn't like a 1901fp which I had bought just to compare to what was the Samsung 191t and have always just bought Samsung models.
  4. i predict the US will once again become a manufacturing nation. making things like monitors and tackboards. i mean, isn't that what americans complain about. that they're made abroad.

  5. M Vega

    M Vega

    A Dell monitor is made by Samsung
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    I don't think it was just mine, I read a forum online where others complained about it, that's why I didn't get a replacement. The fast response time on that panel (8 ms) has a VERY limited viewing angle. This goes for the 930B, 915N & Hyundai L90D+ which all use the same Samsung panel.

    I never tried any of the other Dells besides the 1905.