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    I just got me two of em' for $489.50 each at Comp USA last night...Maybe I could have done better, but they are local...Shoot it was easy I walked in at 8:30 PM and drove away by 9:00 PM and hooked em' up in less than a half Hour...(It took me one hour to play with Windows and install some tuning software that came with the monitor)

    Did you know that Samsung has a customer care phone # (800) 726-7864

    1000:1 contrast ratio...on this 19" LCD...(I predict as the 21" proliferate, 19" will come down in price)

    Michael B.

    P.S. It is surprising that the heat is lower, but if you hold your hand directly in front of the screen it seems to disapate from there as there are no CRT type of vents in the top of the monitor...I am not an expert, but LCD monitors seem to function with a backlight that illuminates the back of the screen with some sort of excitable LCD pixels...Sorry I am so novice at the explanation of this...
  2. welcome to the 21st century. lol
  3. just wait till I get my dual core Athlon...babbbbyyy...I'll be a teenager then!

  4. I called customer care as now-a-days, as you do not get a manual, but a PDF downloadable Manual...I was scrolling and scrolling to try to find out where the buttons were on these monitors to do the image position sizing stuff...

    There are not any buttons but the blue, "Star Wars", illuminated power button!

    I have a Matrox Millenium 550 that I mistakenly purchased a few years ago off of Ebay that did not have both ports DVI , but just one of them. And yes I can see the difference as the monitors are side by side...You can see it in the text, but it does not bother me. but later I will get the correct card and plug it into my mother board...but will do it on the dual-core Athlon that I am going to purchase someday...(I am usually a little bit behing the times, but thank gawd I only trade and am not a gamer!)

    Anyways customer care, taught me that the analog allows the power button to serve as an auto adjust button, by just holding it down, but not on the digital side. It's all automatic on the digital side. However I got some tuning software with the unit for advanced concepts....

    Michael B.
  5. by the way...

    When purchasing Retail, you really do not need to buy the warranty that the store kid offers you for 70 bucks per two Samsung has a 90 day replacement and a 3 year warranty repair...(save your boxes up in the rafters of your garage)!

    Michael B.
  6. Why would you buy a warranty for 2 yrs when the product is covered for 3? The difference is the convenience and the store hopes that you forget you even got it. :)
  7. your right, I never buy these warranties...and I never buy disability insurance on my mortgages either...

    But that does not stop the salesman from trying? I just wanted to warn those that are not in the "know".

    Michael B.

  8. My humble apologies. I didn't see the not in "you really do not need to buy".
  9. Don't forget to view that link I posted in the opening post, and notice there are tabs at the bottom with many pages that continue the review...

    I am not an expert at this, but I think I bought the correct monitor model, for my needs...

    Michael B.
  10. I am going on my 4th day. Why didn't I trash these 21" Sony CRT's earlier...

    Wifey says I jump over hundred dollar bills to pick up pennies....

    Michael B.
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