Samsung 915n

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by bhds, Jun 11, 2005.

  1. bhds


    Anybody using the 915n? Looking for comments good or bad.
    Also, anyone have any experience with the samsung rebates? The 915n has a $20 rebate but I am not sure if they allow more than 1 rebate per customer.

  2. I am unable to tell you about the 915n specifically, however our office has 14 samsung flat panel monitors, and we all have liked them; I can specifically recommend the 912n.

    A number of the monitors were bought from a local best buy that included rebates, and there was never any problem.
  3. duard


    I have Samsung 213T's (digital or analog 21" LCD monitor) and they are unequivocably the best monitors I've ever used. Sharpness, adjustments, design, price, etc.

    They set the standards for the competition.

    I also have Sony and Princeton which are good but again hard to beat Samsung.
  4. I received a Samsung 213T from Newegg yesterday. I like it so much I just bought another one today.

    Very nice monitor, and less than 540 bucks with the rebate. That new huge Samsung flat screen factory I've been reading about must have come on line!
  5. bhds


    I think I am going to take the plunge and buy 4 of them from newegg. Reading the fine print in the rebate form it says
    Limit is up to thirty (30) rebates per Samsung product model purchased per receipt, customer, person, family, household or address. I gues that means I can redeem 4 with no problems?

    Will I be able to mount these to a quad mount/stand? these will be my first lcd's and I am not familiar with the "vesa"? standard. Cant find anything mentioning if the 915n supports it.