Samsung 912T and 930B LCD monitors

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by davez, Jul 28, 2005.

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    I've just noticed a Samsung 912T LCD monitor being advertised. As far as I know, the Samsung 19" analog/digital LCD's evolved from the 191T to the 910T, and now this new(?) 912T. The 912T is no faster (25ms) and has slightly lower brightness and contrast than the 910T.

    Is anyone familiar with the 912T? Is it in fact a newer model, and if so, are there any improvements?

    On a whim, I just glanced at the latest Fry's ad, and see a Samsung 930B 19" analog/digital LCD for $328.. with 8ms response! That seems like a deal. Anyone know anything about these?

  2. I think there was a 191t which was dvi and a 192n which was analog, and they became the 910t and 912n. Our office has 4 traders which have 2 computers, those computers have a dual graphics card dvi/analog, and the 912n is the analog monitor - I have liked it very much.
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    Hi Sundance,

    I beleive that is correct. I more or less followed the Samsung models to that point. Now I've started seeing this 912T and 930B, and now at a 913N.

    I'm thinking 8ms isn't needed for trading apps, maybe the new PCIe connection (which I don't have) is resulting in these new models, in which case maybe the older model 910T is my best bet. I've got some reading to do it seems to catch up with these new models, but thought maybe some ET folks might have hands on experience.

  4. gnome


    25ms response is fine for trading... you will see no difference if your monitor is faster. Many ETers report they see "no difference" between VGA and DVI. Some say they see a difference at 1600 x 1200.

    Any of the Samsung 19xx or 9xxx will be just fine. I have used several brands for trading.... all have been fine.
  5. Can you still get 910T ?
  6. davez


    Yes, ES, the 910T is still available. Many of the e-stores carry it, and it was selling at Fry's just yesterday, when I went to look at the 930B.

    The 930B did not have height adjustment, was not pivotting, and it didn't look wall mountable, though the specs say it is. I asked the sales rep why the slower (25ms) 910T was more expensive than the newer, faster (8ms) 930B, and he said the higher 1000:1 contrast ratio of the 910T made it more expensive. (930B has 700:1 contrast ratio).

    I look at the Samsung website and there are listings for the 910, 911, 912, 913 and 915, with mixes of B, T, N and V designators - all a bit confusing.

    But at 25 ms, I agree with Gnome, my 191T's and 910T seem plenty fast enough (I think vendor data feed speed is more critical there). Whether a lower contrast ratio would make a practical difference, I don't know.