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  1. I bought a Samsung 912n 19" LCD monitor about 6 months ago. I really like the monitor and would like to get another one. The retailer I purchased mine from no longer carries this model. Just wondering if anyone knows who carries the 912n or if Samsung maybe has a newer model thats comparable to it?

  2. I believe the 912N has been discontinued. Try any of the 91* versions... like 914V or 915* The 930* and 940* should also be very good and similar to 912N. (Samsung uses the same panel on several models while changing the other electronic parameters.)
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    look like you just miss Samsung 914V 19" LCD deal from staples and bestbuy for $199, look out for repeat offer.
  4. Personally, I wouldn't buy any LCD without a 3-year warranty. Usually, the warranty is for the "new" buyer. If the original buyer sells the monitor, the balance of warranty does not transfer to the new buyer.

    However, if you take the risk of buying "used" you should insist on a 50% discount from the current new price to compensate for the lack of warranty.

    Bottom Line... Never buy a used LCD unless you get it really, really, REALLY, cheap.
  5. Just my opinion, but I believe My Simon, or other price comparison sites, should be the biggest part of any purchase - after deciding which model to get. CNET usually helps on "what" to get.

    Happy Holidays to all!
  6. I agree with you, I made that post before seeing the previous post that you could buy it new from Staples or Future Shop for less. I've got some good bargains from Ebay but also gotten burned for a lot of things as well. When you get burned for something, you have to be prepared to take the loss because in most cases it is too much trouble to do anything about it.
  7. I see the Samsung 914V is on sale for $230 after mail in rebates. I currently have a Samsung 912n (now discontinued) which has an 800:1 contrast ratio. The 914V has a 600:1 contrast ratio.

    Will I notice a difference between these 2 monitors side by side? I'd like to run them next to each other (dual card)....

  8. yeah, what is the difference with the contrast ratio issue?

    800:1 vs. 600:1 vs. 750:1

    also, the newer monitors that have the glassy finish to them, what's with that and how does that show up in the description of these monitors in a side by side comparison?


    pm me if you have to on these questions...
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    anyone know samsung syncmaster 760BF LCD 4ms. It says good for streaming ! (fast)
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