Samsung 7 slate :The best win tablet ever for trading ?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Peternam, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. Wake up, guys !
  2. Mr_You


    If you can trade with low resolution small screens and (probably) a device thats heavy-ish in your hand, go for it! IMO, laptops are a better option cause they have high resolution and can sit on a table or your lap.

    I doubt most of us would go this route, which is why the lack of response.
  3. Only an idiot would trade thru a tablet. Tablets are not made to handle the CPU loads put on them by trading software(especially when receiving data by ticks), plus their screen size makes eye strain a real problem if you have to look at it for hours at a time.
  4. Bob111


    yeah..if you place one EOD trade once a month from siesta beach-go for it. i need a little bit more than f** tablet

  5. I only need to place a few trades/day, I am not a tick fu.... :D

  6. Powerful enough and almost 12 inch
  7. Bob111


    i'm not a tick f** either..but typically(myself included) people use whatever works for them...for me -it's 3-5 PC's,6+ monitors running few systems, all day long in semi auto mode. placing the trades,collecting and analyzing the data. and i program and test my stuff on 1-2 other Pc's. can i do this with 1 tablet? probably not. or it have to be really big f** tablet. like i said-works for you? go for it. imo- no need for someone else opinion. read the description of the site it's a forum for day traders,so it should be expected, that most of them not using any tablets
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    you sounds like a salesman..or you trying to convince yourself? establish LLC or something,buy it for your business,write it off in same year,if it's cost too much for you for personal use
  9. No, wait.

    in 2-3 months the next ggeneration tablets start coming - the first one actually with tablet build technology.

    We talk of a 2500x1600 pixel screen resolution and very new processors totally optimized for tablets, like the new NVidia - 4+1 core, one core being VERY SLOW and VERY LOW POWER and the processor turns over to it when nothing is to be done.

    Right now you just waste money.
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